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Dragon Quest sketches vs completed designs ⊟

Whoa, this is neat. On the left in these images, you’ll see Dragon Quest’s original monster design sketches from series creator Yuji Horii. On the right, we have final artwork from character designer (and Dragon Ball series creator) Akira Toriyama. And I’ve dropped the monsters’ in-game sprites in the middle.

More comparisons on Cat Spirit’s blog (via Maroonant and GameSpite)!

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DAY 107:

let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

My dear sister,

It’s not enough for him to say he wants a relationship with you. It’s not enough for him to just flirt here and there, send you texts here and there, kiss you here and there…whatever it is, love is more than just words. It’s actions, and as followers of Christ, if we truly desire to do things His way by being intentional and godly in our relationships, we have to give our all to it, not just parts of it!

Love goes deeper than just going on dates or going on an emotional roller-coaster with a guy. Love must be deeply rooted in Christ and deeply rooted in the things of God. We don’t just do things just because. We don’t just enter into relationships out of boredom. Because of Christ, everything we do has purpose.

So if you’re talking to a guy or are interested in someone who has words with no actions, it’s time to really look at the time you’re investing. This is important because no matter what this guy says, it is his actions that will really show you where his heart is! Remember this when it comes to:

1. That guy who just wants to text and talk but never commit
2. That guy who likes to flirt with you, but flirts with other girls too
3. That guy who is not respecting your time, your heart, your body
4. That guy who you’ve been thinking about all day, even though you know he is not willing to pursue you
5. That guy who is leaning on you emotionally, physically, or spiritually and he is not committed to being in an intentional relationship
6. That guy who are not in a relationship with but keeps sending you mixed emotions
7. That guy who you are no longer in a relationship with but still wants to talk to you regularly and be completely involved in your life
8. That guy who you are constantly going back and forth over if this is “the one” God has for you

Whatever it is, don’t retreat back to what he said. Think about what he does. Don’t think about the time he said, “Yea, I’m a Christian!” Think about how he LIVES for Christ!

Biblical context + further reading: 1 John 3:11-24
Written by itsmorganlife

Opening your Third Eye (Somewhat posting this twice)

Okay so, I posted the link to this, but some people (Like me) are lazy and won’t click on it, and I really reaaaaally want you guys to know about this because it’s amazing, and is helping a lot!



Please read all of the following;

If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you will be doing. It is important to follow the instructions as this is somewhat advanced:

The Third Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra — the psychic chakra, located on the middle of the forehead above the brows. It is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye.

French Philosopher Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be “the seat of the soul” where mind and body met.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied, [calcified] and dormant. The following exercise will change that.
Please read this thoroughly, as much of the exercises I write of are very advanced and can cause problems if one does not do them correctly.

The pineal gland is like a pea in size; like a shriveled raisin in most people where it remains dormant.

Opening the pineal gland/3rd eye:

This is done with a specific tone and chant. You only need to do this exercise for 3 days, afterwards, it is permanent.

The mantra to be used is “Thoh,” pronounced “TOE.”

It must be within the correct vibration.

Not deep, not high pitched, inbetween, like alto range.

You will feel it when you hit the correct tone. So play around and don’t second guess yourself. When you think you’ve got it, you probably do.

1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

Open your jaws so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth.

Place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

3. Put a very light pressure onto the tongue with your teeth.

This is like the same process of saying the “TH” part of the English word “the.”

Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.

Say the word one time per exhale. Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth.

You should feel the air moving past your tongue and teeth.

If this technique is done properly, you will feel a pressure or sensation in your jaw and cheeks. The tone will also vibrate in your third eye.

It may take a few seconds to adjust this, don’t worry, just keep going.

4. Do the above 5 times in a row.

5. It is very important the above exercise be done for 3 consecutive days, 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal.


1. One of the first experiences is a headache or pressure in the center of the forehead. This sensation may also feel like it is originating from within, usually an inch or more beneath the surface of the forehead. This is a positive indication the pineal gland is awakening and beginning to function in a healthy manner.

*Some people can experience a migrane lasting several hours, so to be safe it is recommended that you try this in the evening when you do not have work to do. The severity of the side effects will depend on how atrophied/calcified your pineal gland is to begin with.

2. After the occurence of headache or pressure in the forehead, you may wake up one morning with a throbbing or tingling sensation in your forehead; it may feel like a goosebump.

The feeling may be very intense, like something is there. The sensation of pulsing or throbbing will continue throughout the day, and you may “hear” sounds coming from within your head, such as light popping or crackling sensations.

These are the final phisiological events you may experience after opening up your third eye.
It indicates your pineal gland is awakened, functioning and alive.



You may experience any or all of these to varying degrees:

  • Faster, easier learning and retention
  • Marked increase in intuition
  • Increased creativity
  • Psychic gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with more developed ability to see or sense human auras
  • Clairvoyance (psychic vision) opens up
  • Clairaudience (psychic hearing) opens up
  • Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) opens up

This is a very powerful exercise, and as with all powerful practices, your body may go through discomfort in order to adapt.

CLN Editor’s Note: I have taken considerable steps over the past few years to awaken and decalcify my pineal gland, and as such, I experienced no side effects other than an intense but not-uncomfortable feeling of pressure in my forehead and third eye that was just shy of a headache. So not everyone will experience side effects.



In order for this to work properly, you must have already performed the Awakening I exercise.

I included this above for those who are new.

It is very important to wait for 10-14 days following Awakening I, before you go onto Awakening II, otherwise the exercises won’t be effective. Your body needs time to adapt and get the energy flow going.

This exercise is completely euphoric and intensley pleasurable. Unlike Awakening I, this should be done once a week, and given the blissful effects that are lasting when done correctly, most people will enjoy doing so.

Breath in deeply and hold your breath for a count of five.

Repeat this three times.

This helps you to be relaxed and focused.

Now focus all of your attention upon your third eye.

You should begin to feel a sensation similar to the effects of the Awakening I exercise — a slight pressure or awareness of the spot of your third eye.

Now, take a deep breath as you did for the Awakening I exercise.

Hold it for as long as comfortable  — do not push this —  and release your breath, vibrating the word “MAY.” This is pronounced like the English language word for the month of May.

It should all come out at one time- M-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay, gradually and slowly.

It is ok to adjust your pitch. The tone should be alto.

Breath in again, and repeat this five times.

You need to hit a certain pitch. You will know when you do, for you will feel this in your head. Do the best you can.


When vibrating the word “MAY,” feel the energy going into your head,
first into your third eye area,
then into the middle of your brain,
and then to the top of your head where your crown chakra is located.

REMEMBER: Concentrate on your forehead (third eye area),
then the middle of your brain
and finally the top of your head.

This is done for the duration of each chant.

1. Breath in.

2. Begin to exhale, vibrating “MAY.”

3. Concentrate on your third eye.

4. Concentrate on the middle of your brain.

5. Concentrate on the top of your head and finish exhaling the vibration.

Repeat four more times.

The effects of this exercise are extremely pleasurable.

A feeling of lightnesss can occur immediately following the exercise.

Some people may feel energy or tingling inside their heads, or completely covering their heads; a slight presure in the crown area and intense euphoria is also common.

The blissful state can occur hours and even days later.

This will eventually become permanent and will greatly assist in void meditation, clairvoyance, and the development of other psychic and paranormal senses.


Hope this helps you guys as much as it did me!

http://consciouslifenews.com/how-to-open-third-eye-pineal/1138045/ )

Anders glows when he sleeps. Not the harsh, blinding glare usually associated with Justice, but a faint, almost unnoticable light emanating from him. And if it’s dark enough, and one looks closely enough, the faintest outlines of the familiar cracks in his skin can be seen. This is because, when he sleeps, Justice is both more connected to the Fade, as it is the land of dreams, and closer to the surface, for his host is not in control.

It’s not as if it’s bright enough to keep anyone awake, even when laying right next to him, but it is enough to help the mage sleep. For this glow gives just enough light to keep the suffocating darkness away, and the unkind memories such blackness brings.

DAY 112 of 365

If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.
Luke 16:10-12 (NLT)

When it comes to faithfulness in relationships, it doesn’t start at the altar on the wedding day. It doesn’t start when we get in a relationship. As followers of Jesus Christ, it starts in our hearts. Be faithful right here today, even before your big moment comes.

1. Be faithful while you’re single
I know sometimes you might be feeling like, “what’s the use?” What’s the use of praying and seeking God about your future husband when it’s been months, years, and nothing has happened. Right now I just want to encourage you that God is still preparing you. So maybe your #relationshipgoals didn’t happen in your timeline, or with the person you thought it would happen with, but you can’t let that stop you from being faithful. Don’t let that stop you from being that woman who walks into the room and is so filled Jesus people can’t help see it! When you have Jesus you are fulfilled. You are not missing pieces because you’re single. And besides, you never know what godly man is praying to meet someone just like you! And most importantly, you never know what God is preparing you for–you just need to be faithful over the little things first!

2. Be faithful while you’re in a relationship
So often times we think that being faithful is just not cheating. But for men and women who are followers of Christ, faithfulness digs deeper. We aren’t just faithful in regards to not cheating–we are faithful, constant and consistent in all areas of our lives. As a couple, be faithful in reading God’s word together. Be faithful in establishing boundaries that glorify God and holding one another accountable about being intentional. Be faithful in building each other up. All of these things are seeds you’re sowing, day in and day out, and when you do this, your relationship is getting stronger, but most importantly, your relationship with Jesus gets stronger!

Be faithful in little things! Keep sowing seeds! They WILL grow!

Biblical context + further reading: Luke 16:1-18, Gal 6:9

DAY 113 of 365
(Part 2 of 2)

My dear sister,

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.
Pr 3:3-4 (NIV)

Wait for the one who is faithful: constant and intentional his actions, as a result, willing and unafraid to pursue. Know that love and faithfulness don’t just apply to being with someone and not cheating. It goes deeper. It’s reflected in the way we interact with friends and family, at work, at school, at church, in difficult situations, and most importantly–our relationship with Jesus! So in case you’ve been wondering why:

1. He’s been flirting with you but won’t commit
2. He’ll randomly send you “what’s up” texts but doesn’t seem to desire real, meaningful conversation
3. Spending time with you one-and-one but isn’t interested in a relationship
4. He’s talking to several girls at the same time and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, or think no one notices
5. He is expecting you to pursue him
6. Just wants to be “friends” yet consumes all of your time or emotional energy as if you were in a relationship
7. Only interested in you physically and intimately, but not interested in the things of God
8. He’s a little all over the place and has problems committing
9. He changes the subject when the conversation gets serious
10. He doesn’t spend time with people who seem trustworthy

It’s time to ask yourself,
Is he filled with love and faithfulness?
Is he faithful and not afraid to pursue godly things in his life?
Is his relationship with Jesus something he’s committed to?

If the answers’ “no,” or “I’m not sure, it’s time to really pray and seek God about if this is someone who is ready to be faithful and truly intentional about what he pursues in life. And if not, you don’t have to settle for that! Nor do you need to lose hope. The good news is God wants you to focus on being faithful to Him first, and then watch what He does with that! Wait on HIM for the one who’s focusing on being faithful to God in the same way…even when it comes to pursuing a godly relationship!
Biblical context + further reading: Pr 3

Colored light healing

This is for performing a visual meditation and imagining colored light soaking into your skin, either from around the room or from your hands over the spot of pain or where you intend the light to be (it has more uses that just healing painful spots). Knowing the meaning of the light is important, so here we go! 

To use these, just do some meditative breathing to calm yourself, then imagine these lights flowing into you wherever you feel you need them. You can also bathe your whole body in these lights, and it often helps to repeat what the light does or what you intend it to do when you bathe in it. You can also use these lights on other people, like imagining them being surrounded in the light–just make sure you have good intentions and you intend it to be a blessing to them.

Pink: Love, sweet and lovely soothing, sensuality, emotional acceptance (accepting what you feel and loving each emotion)

Red: Energizes, reanimates the energy in that area, clears stagnant areas, achievement, grounding in the present moment, warming cold areas.

Orange: Accomplishment, burning sensuality and sexuality, emotional awakening and raising emotional energy, understanding your emotions, freeing the body and mind from judgement for being as they are. 

Yellow: Power, strength, will power, release of burdens, radiance, cheerfulness, stimulates a higher mentality, 

Gold: Memory, Akashic Record and past life access, alignment with your greater good/purpose in life. Raising your energy more towards the divine. 

Green: Connection to nature, healing physical ailments with universal love, self-affirmation, raising self-esteem, balance between physical and spiritual awareness, growth and evolution.

Bright blue: Detox, Self protection, loyalty to yourself/your spirit and the earth, expression, communication, clarity in purpose and cause of tension.

Indigo: Purification, seeing the truth, objectivity, devotion, clarification of dreams, clairvoyance, clairaudience

Violet: Cleansing negative energy, raising frequency to a more divine level, help with spiritual problems (not usually used with physical problems).

Magenta: Warmth, surrounding of security, holding in pure energy.

Brown: Nurturing, elegance. 

Silver: Alignment with the night and the feminine self, removal of old karma.

Black: Opens up the aura to accept the other colors, total protection. This isn’t a negative color, black clears you to an open state. 

White: Complete harmony and cleansing, perfection and divine alignment, stimulates the desire to heal, transforms your energy to a higher level. 

If you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them! :D

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways..
Psalm 37:7

My dear sister,

The story that God is writing is specifically for you, so let Him be the one who writes your future husband into it. Don’t worry about the pressure of other people, or even the pressure in your heart. Wait on HIM.

1. Perhaps the one person you were interested in just didn’t have the same feelings and they seem to be more interested in someone else. Maybe your friends are in relationships and you’re starting to feel like the third wheel. In these situations you might start asking yourself, “what’s wrong with me?” “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” Know that even though it may have seemed like a certain person was the right one in your eyes, God’s plan is much greater. You have to trust Him in this, even when it comes to what you imagine “the right one” is supposed to look like. It’s not all about being with that ONE guy you wish would text you back, or the ONE guy you wish pursue you. Instead, pursue the Lord and watch what He does in your life!

2. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, Let God open your eyes to what He’s doing in your life at work, at school, at church and trust that just because other people seem to be passing you by, God isn’t. He wants to teach you and groom you and bless you in this very moment. So don’t be discouraged. Even if it seems like you were super “compatible” with a certain person, God’s plan for your life is far more compatible than what any boyfriend/fiance/husband could EVER offer.

3. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “the grass always look greener on the other side.” Just because it seems like others have it all now that they’ve found the “perfect” one, it’s not the reality! There are many struggles that come with being in a relationship. Even when it is a godly, intentional relationship the enemy will still try to attack it. So if you desire to be in a relationship that pleases God, you main goal is to know He is writing your story, and you just need to be patient enough to see who He chooses to write in it.

Biblical context + further reading: Psalm 37:7-9, Psalm 49:16, Psalm 62:5