We all exists as mirrors for each other, reflecting back to us certain parts of ourselves (our likes and dislikes). Understand with compassion all of the reflections appearing in front of us without any bias or judgement.

~Anon I mus

"To what extent the habit of sitting can impress and change us becomes clear only when we have taken pains to practice it. After a short time we find ourselves asking: how is it possible that such a simple exercise can have such far-reaching effects on the body and soul? Sitting still, we begin to realize, is not what we had imagined physical or spiritual practice to be. We are faced, therefore, with the question: “What is it we are really practicing if, although both are affected it is neither body nor spirit?” The answer to this is that the person who practices is himself being practiced."

–Karl Graf Dürckheim (October 24, 1896 – December 28, 1988), German diplomat, psychotherapist and Zen Master on meeting the forces of everyday life, from our Fall 2006 issue on the theme of peace.

Image: Japanese Hanging Scroll of Bodhidharma seated on grass, by Hakuin Ekahu. From Song of the Brush.

Understanding What We Want


When we grow up in dysfunctional families, we have a distorted perception of ourselves.   We have roles in our families such as scapegoats, victims, bullies, enablers, or peacemakers.  These roles become instilled in us, as well as what we have been told about ourselves by our families.  We begin to believe these things, and we even perpetuate these beliefs.

As we become adults, we allow others to treat us in the manner that we were treated as children.  We allow dysfunctional relationships to persist and thrive in our lives. After a while,  we lose sight of who we really are, and what is best and healthy for our emotional life.  We seek out lovers, friends, coworkers, and employers who treat us in the same way as our families.

As we recover and heal from our fractures and injuries suffered, we begin to see a different perception of ourselves.  We realize that we are deserving of love and respect. If we don’t receive such love and respect, we forgive them and let go of those relationships in our lives. This is the beginning of our transition when we realize that we deserve better.  When we heal those fractures completely, our self worth and esteem also will improve, and finally, we will no longer attract those who hurt us any longer. ~ Sending blessings and light, Brooke (Copyright 2012 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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The Coming Spiritual Revolution - Rainn Wilson
The Forest of Shadows: What is real?

I wrote this allegory a few years ago when I was first questioning the philosophical ideals of Movement Atheism. It expresses some of the frustration I was feeling at the time at the difficulties of a coherent and universally applicable epistemology. It’s not necessarily reflective of my current views (though parts are), but I didn’t feel comfortable editing it since it’s distinctly the product of that part of my life.

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Feel it All.

Woke up this morning with what felt like a collective anxiety.. As many of you are likely feeling. 

The old way of dealing with this was to resist, was to jump into my day to try to “do” the anxiety away. Like something was wrong with me and I should not have been feeling anxiety. 

This morning, I laid with myself. I observed the feeling like it was my very own child. 

"Could I love you even when I feel this way… Will you still love me?”

I felt the anxiety until all I saw was energy itself. No label. Simply energy that just wants to move. 

From this place it’s not about loving the feeling itself but falling in love with the experience that I’m feeling.

Literally falling in deep love. 


Which is the heart. The heart that beats in my chest resides in the body of all. 

By the time I got up for my day and went for my walk I felt the overwhelming sense of Love. Where my way and life’s way becomes One. 

If you’re feeling intense energies today - be grateful. You have been called. Take these energies on with abandon. Observe them, like your very own child. Allow them. Nurture them. Feel to the deepest depths. Give them space to move and blossom into the greatest love of all time. 

That’s all it’s ever been. 


But in the West you have another kind of poverty, spiritual poverty. This is far worse. People do not believe in God, do not pray. People do not care for each other. You have the poverty of people who are dissatisfied with what they have, who do not know how to suffer, who give in to despair. This poverty of heart is often more difficult to relieve and defeat.
—  Mother Teresa

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1. If you could up and move to anywhere in the world where would it be?
- There’s just so many places I love that its so hard to choose one but it will probably be anywhere in Italy with my beloved baby galecticnerve right by my side :)

2. Top thing on your bucket list?
- To travel the whole world and learn new things everyday

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- Coldplay, Miike Snow, Aqualung, The Temper Trap, Jaymay, Vampire Weekend, Hilary Duff

4. If you could master one art form what would it be?
- To be able to write endless pages of breath taking poetry

5. You get to speak to one (famous) person that is now dead. Who would you talk to?
- Amelia Earhart or Grace Kelly :)

6. If you HAD to change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be?
- I’m happy with what I have but I would love to lose a few pounds haha

7. Reasons why you like the person you like? (Get cheesy with it you shits.)
- He is always with me through all my ups and downs. He never fails to make me laugh and smile everyday :) He is an amazing being <3

8. If you got to carry one weapon around with you all the time, for self defense, what would it be?
- Not into violence :) This isn’t a weapon but I’d choose to be invisible when I’m in danger so I’d love to have Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak haha

9. Favorite midnight snack?
- Cashew nuts and macadamias with a cup of hot green tea or coffee

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- That I like eating biscuit with indian pickles because its a weird combination :P

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- Blair/Serena from Gossip Girl just so I can own their wardrobe ;)

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