Writing and Inscriptions in Final Fantasy X <— go here for many more

Major update! I’ve been digging through many different HD playthroughs to find clearer screencaps of inscriptions that I deciphered before, plus several new ones that I hadn’t spotted or couldn’t figure out in the original game. A few are still stumping me — the jail cell graffiti and the “toilet paper of Yevon” (those strips of six signs on streamers and maester/priest costumes) — but I’ve untangled many more.

No, I haven’t expanded this project XII or XIII, both of which have their own wriitng systems as well. It’s someone else’s turn. :)

Suggestions on those few that I still can’t translate are more than welcome!

(ETA: such as that big honking graffiti in yellow and green Al Bhed script on the central pillar in the Travel Agency. Rikku, I love ya, but YOU AND YOUR CAN OF SPRAY PAINT ARE DRIVING ME BATTY.)



…and some amusing “bet they won’t notice” Easter Eggs. 

I was working on updating my Spiran Inscriptions page, and I found this page showing all the blitz team logos. But wait… hang on… Bevelle Bells. Yocun Nomads.  TWO NEW TEAMS!

I’m guessing they were dropped for gameplay reasons: it would’ve been a chore to create two more playable blitz teams and work them into the tournament. But there you are.

I’ve also spotted the Abes and Duggles logos in the Aurochs locker room. OOPS. Only with the remaster are they slightly visible, and even then, you have to freeze-frame to catch them. 

The banner that puzzled me seems to be a coat of arms for the Crusaders. Stay tuned; I don’t know whether it’s unique to the Besaid lodge or whether it works for all of them. (It says “P S” at the top, “WISDOM” “BRAVERY” on the sides in white). 

My 18th birthday is later this year, and on that day I’m planning to get a navel piercing and tattoo of the Roman numerals for 7 and 9 (for reasons I can’t be bothered explaining here). I’ve been messing around with fonts and styles but I can’t decide on the one I like the most and am gonna use.

This picture shows some examples I’ve liked. They show Old English Text, Al Bhed and Spiran script from Final Fantasy X, Etro, Pulsian and Cocoon script from Final Fantasy XIII and Hylian script from Twilight Princess. Personally I think the Al Bhed script looks really cool but what do you guys think?

nemuruomoi replied to your post:Sometimes I wonder how long Braska’s Calm lasted….

ooc; I think Braska’s only lasts one year from what I can gather from this: gamefaqs.com/boards/… The others could probably have been longer though.

FYI for people wanting a Spiran timeline.

I’m seeing this as not even a year though, since Auron’s path to the Dream Zanarkand was Jecht-as-Sin.

Not. Even. A. Year.

Okay, so ‘publically’ it may have been a year. Still. That’s a damn short time to be free of a world-destroying eldritch monstrosity.


A new Fakemon for my Nuzlocke universe. They tend to appear when a dead creature has not properly been sent away to their next lives, to feast on the souls, and force them into being reborn.

It’s said the Reaper created them, after the Spiran practice of Summoning had been abandoned, and souls became stranded between the realms.

Pictured here are the normal and shiny colours. This Pokemon still needs a name, but. Eh.

emptymurderer said:

Your Fran and immortalguardian's Auron (for the ship thingy)

Send me a ship and i’ll say:

  • who falls asleep on the couch: Fran. Happened quite a lot while she was healing from the wound she got back in the Thunder Plains. Auron would take off his coat and put it over her in hope she would rest better with it because even if he never told her, he knew about the kind of nightmares she had…
  • who wakes up first: Auron. Part of that monk training. Although, Fran can be convincing to keep him in bed longer. Depends of the mood.
  • who cooks the most: Auron. When Fran can escape cooking duty, every excuse is good. And I believe she took a liking into spiran food and spices so maybe that’s why he cooks so often.
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote: Probably Fran. Auron wouldn’t care much. He’ll be reading next to her or taking a nap on her lap I believe.
  • who takes the longest getting ready: Fran. I mean, have you seen all the armor pieces she has to put on? Not just the main body. She has like tons of tiny pieces to strap around her limbs. :|
  • who takes up most of the bed: Neither. They’re all snuggled up, mostly on Auron’s side of the bed and if they do sleep apart during the night, the first one to wake up go back snuggling the other. Unless they have fought. That rule might be changed.
  • if/what pets they have: None. I don’t see them with pets. Unless Fran gets to wear the trainer dressphere. Then, they would have a white Coeurl as pet
My Absolute Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

  The following list is in no particular order:

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 

Favorite tracks: Crystal Teardrops, Dracula’s Castle, Rainbow Cemetery, The Tragic Prince, Abandoned Pit.

2. Persona 4

Favorite tracks: Reach out to the Truth, I’ll face myself,  Your affection, Heartbreak, heartbreak, Game, How Much? 

3. Final Fantasy IX

Favorite tracks: Battle Theme, The Jesters of the Moons,  Ukele le Chocobo, The Dark Messenger, Ice Cavern, Skirmish of the Silver Dragons.

4. Hotline Miami

Favorite tracks: Hydrogen, Paris, Crystals, Miami, Knock Knock, Miami Disco, Inner Animal.

5. Final Fantasy X

Favorite tracks: At Zanarkand, Blitz Ball Gamblers, Battle Theme, Spiran Scenery, Auron’s Theme, Jecht’s Theme.

6. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Favorite tracks: Main Theme, Snake Eater, Surfing Guitar, The Pain, Old Metal Gear, Last Showdown, Rock Me Baby.

7. Final Fantasy VI

Favorite tracks: Opening Theme, Battle Theme, Techno de Chocobo, The Decisive Battle, The Prelude, Shadow, The Magic House.

8. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Favorite tracks: All of it. 

9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Favorite tracks: Blood Dragon Theme, Power Core, Death of a Cyborg, Sloan’s Assault, Combat I, Sleeping Dragon, Resurrection.

10. Persona 3

Favorite tracks: Poem for Everyone’s Soul, Troubled, Unavoidable Battle, Iwatodai Dorm, Master of Tartarus, Battle for Everyone’s Souls, Burn My Dread.