and on that day, cradle received a grim reminder

I found this little gem sitting in my file dump folder. It was an accident while i was re-sizing things and moving them around for the team banner back when we received an influx of members.


One of the many faces of Tovvok this is Turk the pirate. He sees knights as a nuisance, blind sheep of “The establishment” Whatever that is. He explains as best he can understand and put into words my recent endeavors.


(for those of you who don’t get it; I wanted to make a spiral spy video, some files didn’t work, i was looking through my steam screenshots and laughing at my own conversations I’ll post the whole conversations in a bit)

Official: Specification of my AID contest.

The only rules are-

  • Make it look professional.
  • Include graphics.
  • Use spiral spy.
  • You may resubmit if you make a change, but let a brother know.

Edit: You have to use spiral spy to make any knights, gremlins, environment. Basically the models have to be spiral spy. But for text or if you want to add a logo or piece together different parts from spiral spy you may use any program like photoshop etc. You may also stylize your stuff, the source just needs to be spiral spy.

First place will receive 500 ce
Second place will receive 300 ce
Third place will receive 200ce 

Please submit entries to my blog, but don’t worry I can access the one’s from AiD if you’ve already sent them there