spinningintotime said:

You me at six, blink 182, green day band question thingy :)

You Me At Six: A band I’m just discovering? - well I kinda just discovered The Front Bottoms, like they’re the newest band I started listening to even though it’s been months. I love their self-titled album. :)

Blink-182: Am I mature or immature? - depending on who I’m with, I could be both. So, with family, teachers, people of authority, I am INSANELY mature. With my friends, I can be pretty immature. ((btw Blink-182 is my favorite band and I’m glad I was asked to answer this question))

Green Day: How easily do I get mad? -  I don’t get mad quickly unless it’s a touchy-feely subject and you’re really being ignorant. It’s fine to have questions about something but if you’re going to be an asshole about it, not cool.

Thanks for asking! *cough cough* followers, feel free to ask more questions! *cough cough* :)

spinningintotime said:

I just read your post on hanks tumblr tag about starting a YouTube channel and tho I don't know how long ago that was or what you'd even really be talking about as you weren't specific beyond about the earth, but I'm just throwing out there that I think the idea is fabulous and I'd love to see what you come up with, so if you do decide to do it please send me a link or post it here!(:

hi ela :)

thank you so much for your message! and wow, i appreciate your taking the time to read through the entire thing - i certainly hadn’t intended to compose a novel, but it happened. whoops.

you’re right, i wasn’t specific. in fact, i’m not even sure the thoughts i have are completely specific in my head. my intent would be to raise awareness on things i find important and shocking, as well as just in general. perhaps there isn’t an all-encompassing theme for what these things would be, but it’s an idea. i’m still not sure it’s something i can spend the time to do, though if the idea sticks around long enough, maybe come summertime i’ll be able to put it into action. maybe earlier. only time will tell!

all i know is i will do my best to make sure to send you the link if/when this starts up. the only thing i ask of you, is that if you like it, you share it along!