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Hey there everyone, my ranch is Rhythmfields (just hit 30). I noticed higher level players have a looot of horses on their lots. Is there a point where horse slots get stupid cheap? Right now, to get past 8 slots I'd have to pony up 20 or 50 credits.

People just get their three gifts daily and hang on to credits to buy horse slots with. The higher level players with lots of horses have either been playing a long time (and have saved up lots of credits), spend real money, or both. Add people as friends and gift them and they’ll start gifting you back! -AA

(haha, pony up!)


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I love how classy you make your characters, and how mindful you are of their clothing. I feel like I have yet to even…

I wish I could claim ownership, but alas this was a commission, so the beautiful clothing choices were not mine. I’ll still gladly snap up the compliment, though! ;)

And yeah, the pattern was hand-done. I normally do patterns by hand, either directly drawing them on (as in this case), or creating a repeating pattern in photoshop.

So Cassie pretty much is his canon partner. Got it!

phoneboothconfessional answered your question: All Super-family fangirls and boys, I need help!

No, he’s not dating anyone in the comics. Though both he and Cassandra Cain have admitted that the other is hot; the sexual tension is there

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Superboy is almost always in a romantic relationship with Cassie, aka Wondergirl, in the comics.

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