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*He raised one of his eyebrows as he glanced over to the other small being.* Heyy Spinel, what brings you back here? I thought you where done with your business here.. *He spoke cheerfully before trailing of as a large smile formed on his little face* You have come back for some sweet treats haven’t you? *He let out a laugh walking closer to the other.* well you have come to the right place my friend I have plenty of chocolate to spare! so came and enjoy it with your good friend Keroberos.

url trading

HEY ive been holding onto this url for a long time now and i’d like to trade it…i’ve never really done a url trade before but uh here’s a list of urls i’d be interested in(most are digimon and pokemon but theres some others in there…ill probably update every now and then i-dik BUT HERE(also everything is in alphabetical order so yes time to begin)):

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#spinelsun and #kero <3 Spinel Sun is too long to create! It was so hot to work polymer clay this all day! Yes at home, it’s a little bit hot xD, and outside too much cold to open my windows xD.