balayagebeauty asked:

Describe yourself in 15 single adjectives. Then send this message to ten of your favorite Tumblr people. <3 btw ur theme wouldn't let me click on your inbox link. i just know to add a /ask at the end.

ooh um, silly, friendly, loud, clumsy, stubborn, musical, creative, leader, weird, outgoing, risk-taker, outdoorsy, athletic, lovable, and of course sassy <3 and ohh no I’ll see what I can do, thanks for letting me know! xoxo

If you're a blog that has similar stuff to this...



Vw Buses





Hit me up. Just send me a message/ask to check out your blog. I can’t promise a follow. It depends what your blog is like. But I’ll give it a shot.

Btw I don’t follow people who post sex/porn/smoking/drugs kinda stuff. It’s not what I wanna see.

You can also tag me in a post -> spillmyheartandsoul

and I’ll check you out. k?