You know, it really breaks my heart every time I mention Marie Antoinette to someone and they pipe up “the lady who liked cake” “the lady who spent france into ruin” “the lady who had her head lopped off”. It’s so sad that the propaganda of her time that ultimately cost her her life is still in effect besmirching her name today, 300 years later. I am not saying she was a flawless martyr angel, but she also was not an evil, extravagant, frivolous and spoilt woman people make her out to be. She was just a foreign Queen who was scapegoated and happened to be ruling during a tumultuous time. She made mistakes, but none more than any other monarch who managed to live out their reign unscathed. It’s crazy how much I admire her, she just has this enigma of hope around her, she was so hopeful even to the very end, she was a woman who tried and failed to make the best of her circumstances and to this day is berated for it. By no means was she a perfect Queen, she wasn’t, but she was not the worst by a far reach. Ugh, basically I fucking love Marie Antoinette and if the only thing you know about her is a fake quote about cake then you really need to get real and read a book.

my socks are too big for my feet and they make me trip up the stairs

Mama said i was a star and she couldn’t wait for the world to see
i guess that explains why I’m so dead inside
so empty
i love with all the magic of a constellation
i feel things
and i want to tell you i love you all the time and im sorry for that
Im sorry i am not what you need
i get scared a lot when i think about how big and small the world is
and how i have no time to see it all
sorry for saying sorry
im still learning how to shine
how to communicate these stars that make up my very existence
to the ones that have the patience to look up
you looked up
and i made you laugh sometimes
and i made you sad too
and now you dont look up as much
and when you do i never know
there are tons of stars ready to shoot for you and fall for you and listen to your wishes
and those are the ones you need
i am on my last leg
in the process of finalizing my burning out phase
im tired and weak
and afraid to love
afraid to feel anything that can’t be nicely gifted wrapped into a song
like how your hand feels in mine
mama said i was a star and she couldn’t wait for the world to see
but i think most of the world doesn’t care

-tiffany majette (happy world poetry day ^-^)

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

I was tagged by my lovely friend quaintobsessions to do this list. I’m a bit tardy in my response, but such is life for a working man. In no particular order, here are 15 things that I love:

1. Ice cream. Almost any flavor will do, whether it’s 100 degrees or 20 below.

2. Cats. Pure wondrous felines of unpredictability and affection. I have called many cats my friends in this life, and have loved them all.

3. The feel of a book in my hands. Ebooks are fine, but there is something about the weight and permanence of a physical copy to hold and cherish.

4. Watching the flight of birds of prey. These commanders of the sky are both deadly and beautiful in their graceful, arcing silence. Really, birds of any kind are fascinating to me.

5. The first blush of spring, when all the grey-brown of Texas winter bursts forth into bright buds of emerald and chartreuse.

6. The hunger for knowledge, and the burgeoning capacity to satisfy it.

7. Friends who deeply understand my particular struggles in life, and the words of encouragement they offer.

8. Strawberry jam on toast. Summer distilled into a mere teaspoon, bursting on my tongue.

9. The sound of wind in trees. A tangible reminder that the universe is both chaos and order at the same time. This brings to mind the final shot of the film “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky.

10. Abandoned places. Whether ancient ruins or derelict buildings, there is an odd beauty in disuse and the forgotten evidence of human existence.

11. Forests and groves. Alive with subtlety. Kindred. Profoundly quiet.

12. Music. Particularly complex music. From jazz to classical, hip hop to dubstep, hearing a well crafted piece of music is conversation of the highest order.

13. Seemingly effortless, beautiful writing. That one novel out of a hundred I pick up which captures my fascination and won’t let it go — even after the last page is turned.

14. Films. Particularly independent films. They are a major distraction for me and often get in the way of writing.

15. The scents of spices. Though I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting a spice market in person, I have envisioned in my mind’s eye the explosion of pungent flavors that must exist in such a place.

If you managed to make it through the weeds of my thoughts, I invite you to visit the following, all artists at their particular crafts, whom I also tag to do this list (but only if they feel so inclined): 

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My apologies if any of you have already been tagged.

Sometimes I feel like it’s all just luck
I found success lined in several of my
favourite drinking mugs and spiked
in my morning smoothie
They wrote “winner” on the tags of my
best button down shirts so that they’d be
returned directly without fail, or
in case I dared forget
The white Picasso spread on the insides of
a servant’s quarters-like abode will,
without doubt, provide terrific insight
on weathered down artistry or else
how to crack under pressure
I am the bland, near-white varnish
splattered way too thin over concrete prisons
and half-finished roads, on unnecessary stop signs
and bricks found under bridges burned, though
I could use another coating.
—  "Reinforcement"
Like flowers in spring, my love for you blooms
But in time, fall will arrive
And like flowers, my blooming love will come to an end
I don’t want fall to ever come
This is my completely unedited gush about The Hunger Games.

Okay, I’m just going to spill all of my feelings out and not worry about editing (which is a struggle for me).

I was 13 when I first fell in love with The Hunger Games. The movies were entering development. It was so beautiful, witnessing the beginning of the franchise. I know that sounds sappy, but it truly was. The casting, the rumored filming locations (my city was one of them— didn’t end up happening), the first set pictures. Everything was amazing. I remember when the fandom waited over a month to get the first Josh Hutcherson interview from MTV. I remember getting so excited over the teaser trailer that my stomach hurt. I remember skipping gym class to see the first trailer. The marketing for the first movie was absolutely perfect and the fandom was at its tightest. Not to belittle fans who came to the series after the first movie because I love what the series has become and the expanding fandom and the amazing fans I’ve met, but nothing will compare to that first year. 

Then Catching Fire happened and I think we can all agree that things were pretty crazy. It was constant excitement. I particularly loved how excited everyone was after the teaser trailer premiered because we got so much more than expected. All of the stills in-between, the rave reviews, and SO. MUCH. FOOTAGE. Waiting for Mockingjay Part 1 was so intense because all we had was each other for the longest time because Trollsgate took their torture to the next level by hiding THAT DARN TRAILER. Even though we were all going insane, we all bonded over that one goal. (Not that I’d like to go through that again with Part 2, though. haha)

Basically I just can’t believe this is all coming to an end this year. I’ll be 18 when Part 2 opens. The Hunger Games has defined my teenage years and I’m just so grateful for the experiences I’ve shared with this fandom. This franchise has meant so much to me. The characters, the actors, the books, the films, the fans. It has been so amazing. 

It’s going to be a big, big, big year. :)

Hey guys! Omg all your messages are so nice what in the world thank you~ I’ll try to be on this tumblr a little more, but life update time! I’ve actually been feeling really terrible lately, and a lot of it has to do with coming out to my parents as trans and just regular life stuffs. Since I’m terrible at self-diagnosing and since I have the opportunity, I’m seeing a doctor on Monday about depression. I don’t want to spill my guts here, but I’m hopefully gonna get this taken care of, and hopefully get steered towards transitioning simultaneously.

In other news! I may be changing the music on my music player to more chill stuff. If there’s a song you like listening to and want me to keep, I’d be happy to. But I’ll experiment a lil bit and try to find some nice tunes. :P 

Aight, thanks for reading and have a nice day~