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Hasselbeck: Obama 'Spiked the Football' in ISIS Speech

MediaiteHasselbeck: Obama ‘Spiked the Football’ in ISIS SpeechMediaiteAlleging that President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night outlining his four point plan to confront ISIS might have been poll-driven, Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Obama “spiked the football” about the great job he’s been doing …

anonymous said:

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11. Hasselbeck: Obama ‘Spiked the Football’ in ISIS Speech - http://www.mediaite.com
Mediaite -

Alleging that President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night outlining his four point plan to confront ISIS might have been poll-driven, Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Obama “spiked the football” about the great job he’s been doing fighting counterterrorism.

“Just a month ago, August 8, the president undermined the ability of moderates that we could be arming in terms of what they could do potentially to defeat ISIS or ISIL,” Hasselbeck said. “To then say no, this is now our plan has Americans wondering why perhaps, some are hoping not, but is this a reaction to recent polling where they don’t believe this president will do what it takes to get the job done.”

“But the president certainly does think he is doing a great job,” Hasselbeck said, before a clip of the speech in which Obama outlined successful efforts against al Qaeda. “Here he is spiking the football, saying we are indeed safer today.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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A rant against US Soccer, it's issues, future & chances

*NEW* // A rant against US Soccer, it’s issues, future & chances by @edwebb51

US Soccer has plenty of issues which prevent it from matching up to it’s aspirations of competing with the very best, Dever Webb rants writes.

It always seems, every four years, when the World Cup comes around; there is a huge spike in the interest of football (soccer) in the States. “Soccer is on the rise.” “Soccer is getting popular” “Soccer is really starting to catch on.” “Is this the year…

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In any event, the bin Laden “body” was of course dumped in the ocean straight away, and all other “evidence” of the May 1 fraud was either buried or destroyed. The official reason for the destruction of the “evidence” was, we all remember, that it would have been unseemly “to spike the football.”

There’s zero evidence that this is what happened, of course, and plenty of evidence that bin Laden had been dead for more than a decade by the time Obama laid claim to the kill.

The notion of a gravely ill bin Laden evading the surveillance state for ten years with dialysis machine (presumably plugged into varying cave walls) in tow is ludicrous enough, but even this inanity is perhaps exceeded by another bit of preposterousness reported by the New York Times on May 5, 2011: “Observing from behind mirrored glass, C.I.A. officers used cameras with telephoto lenses and infrared imaging equipment to study the compound, and they used sensitive eavesdropping equipment to try to pick up voices from inside the house and to intercept cellphone calls. A satellite used radar to search for possible escape tunnels.

With nothing but ancient technology like “telephoto lenses”, “infrared imaging”, “radar”, and the like to operate with, it’s no surprise at all that CIA just couldn’t confirm that the “pacer” fellow was in fact bin Laden. Obviously, the CIA is an Inspector Clouseau/Maxwell Smart type of outfit—except when it isn’t


Images #1 and #2 are from the new anti-Obama attack ads.  It is worth of note that George Bush, like Dick Cheney, was a draft dodger who avoided serving combat in Vietnam.


New Secretive Group Admits It Is Going To ‘Swiftboat’ President Obama On National Security.

"[A] new sinister group of right-wing vulgarians called Veterans For A Strong America (apparently Chicken-sh*t Hawks for a Bloated Defense budget was already taken) was created with the nefarious aim of distorting (or ‘Swiftboating’) the president’s monumental achievement of killing Bin Laden. And in keeping with all of today’s right-wing noisemakers, they’re pretty gangsta about it.

According to the group’s leader and evidently only employee,  Joel Arends, ‘Yes, it’s the swift boating of the president.’

Here’s what you need to know about Vets for a Strong America, from Think Progress:

1. In four days, the first ad by Veterans For A Strong America garnered almost 1 million views on Youtube. It has also been played frequently on TV news shows. [YouTube, 5/1/12]

2. Veterans For A Strong America is seeking to recruit Navy SEALS to attack Obama.' In the wake of a warm conservative reception for a web video trashing the president for ‘spiking the football’ on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, the conservative group Veterans for a Strong America plans to gather Navy SEALs and Special Forces operators to criticize the White House during the 2012 campaign.' [BuzzFeed, 5/3/12]

3. Arends also tried to Swift Boat Obama in 2008. Arends, under the auspices of a similar group called ‘Vets for Freedom,’ ran an ad accusing Obama of refusing to meet with wounded soldiers from Illinois. [NPR, 7/5/08]

4. Arends worked as a consultant for the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. ‘Though he doesn’t list it on his public resume, around 2006 Arends went to work for Craig Dewey, the state director of Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy outfit that’s Astroturfed everything from the tea party and the Wisconsin union fight to public-school segregation.’ The Koch Brothers and their allies have pledged to spend $100 million to defeat Obama. [Mother Jones, 5/4/12; HuffingtonPost, 2/3/12]

5. In 2008, Arends — posing as a ‘journalist’ — organized and participated in a taxpayer-subsidized propaganda trip to Iraq. ‘American taxpayers are paying for politically slanted, pro-McCain, anti-Obama ‘reporters’ embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. Vets for Freedom – a pro-war organization that buys attack ads against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama – assembled a team of eight military veterans with dubious journalistic credentials to report ‘objectively’ on what is occurring in Iraq…Joel Arends, another ‘reporter,’ is VFF’s executive director and was on McCain’s campaign payroll between March 2007 and February 2008.’ [Charleston Gazette, 8/28/08]

6. Arends is coordinating with key Islamophobic figures on the far right. He regularly appears at events with anti-Islam conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney, who has been condemned by mainstream conservatives for his intolerant views. He is also alligned with William ‘Jerry’ Boykin, who was found to have violated Pentagon rules by expressing his anti-Muslim views in an official capacity. [ThinkProgress, 2/12/12; For The Common Defense; New York Times, 3/4/05]

7. Arends helped promote a documentary advocating war with Iran. Arends appeared on a panel in March 2011 in South Dakota promoting the documentary Iranium, which strongly suggests beginning a war with Iran. [Flier; ThinkProgress, 11/3/11]

8. Veterans for A Strong America is fully endorsed by Karl Rove. The man known as ‘Bush’s Brain’ tweeted his support of their first web ad. [Twitter, 5/3/12]