This quote came from an article written on the Spikes and Heels website and I’ve gotta say, it really resonated with me. We get so wrapped up in what others are doing we often forget to (metaphorically) look in the mirror and realize how far we’ve come. Whether it be in school, fitness, or life in general. If you take a minute to stop comparing yourself to those you see on social media sites, you may just see how far you’ve come, and who knows… maybe you’ll even be proud.

Just read this blog from @bangsandabun - check it out to find out what the race was really like for me. #ig is only one side of the story. I’m at work at the moment holding in a tear with kids saying “miss, have u got hayfever?” When i run now, i know i can finish. Thank u bangs! You pushed us @amani_ox through it xxx #rundemcrew #hackneyhalfmarathon #bridgethegap #crewlove #spikesandheels #RUNch

FITNESS REVOLUTION | Spikes and Heels turns women’s focus off calorie counting and scales! It is all about celebrating your sweat and being inspired to push yourself like never before. “Be pretty on rest days” – founder @bangsandabun. Check out this motivational community for amazing women at spikesandheels.com. #PGS #prettygirlssweat #sweatspiration #spikesandheels #templeuniversity | Written by: Temple University PGS Ambassador Raven Brewington @_ravenashley

Yes this is a fitness site for women and no, I won’t ever talk about weight loss. Here’s why…

So this post made me happy. Because 9 out of 10 times when I bring up crossfit or olympic lifting I get to listen to a stick thin girl rant on about how she needs to lose weight not gain. It saddens me that most girls train to be thin and not to live a long life. I’m not talking about this “strong is the new skinny” bullshit. Don’t even get me started on that. The fact is, for most of us being superlean with low bodyfat requires sacrifices. Major sacrifices. Everyone can achieve a very low percentage of bodyfat it’s just gonna cost us a different amount of effort. For most women, reaching the percentage of bodyfat we see in most fitspiration pictures would cost undereating, no carb intake, constant fatigue, being cold, endless cardio and stressing your body out. Some peoples bodys like being hyper lean. Most female bodys don’t.

Losing track of my point here. All I’m trying to say is that to me it’s such an insane thought to appreciate your body for what it looks like as opposed to what it can do. And sacrificing looks for performance just seems plain backwards. Like “hey why feel awesome when I can LOOK THIN”.

There are a lot of us who happily risk getting a little to bulky. Because what is bulky as long as I can run fast, jump high and lift heavy? I let the type of workout I enjoy define my body. Not the shape I want dictate my workout. Over and out. #headingtothegym 

Bangs Smashes Up L'Etape

My internet/running pal Bangs is cycling the l'Etape this weekend. The Etape is an opportunity for everyday cyclists to take on one of the mountain climb stages of the Tour De France.


In other words its a pretty bad challenge!

Bangs has been training like a bad ass over the last few months and I know at times she hasn’t found it the easiest of processes. I have no doubt that she is going to achieve great things on Sunday and I would like to thank her for being an inspiration to everyone that follows her.  In my opinion we need more girls like Bangs in this world!

If you want to follow what she is up to then check out her website www.spikesandheels.com or maybe hop over to twitter @Bangsandabun and wish her good luck.

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Spotted this today on Spikes and Heels about the Rapha Women’s Prestige 116-mile ride through San Francisco.  Love to see strong lady riders doing their thing!

Check out Spikes and Heels for more bad ass inspiration!