The Iron Chair

The victim would be placed onto the chair and then iron restraints would be tightened, forcing the spikes deep into his or her flesh. To keep the victim from moving, their wrists were tied to the chair or bars were used to push their wrists down into the spikes which penetrated the skin and caused excruciating pain. After the victim was strapped into the chair, the torturer could place coals beneath the chair and control the rate at which the victim was burned. The chair could also be heated by lighting a fire underneath. To inflict even more pain, the torturer could use breast rippers or strike the victim with a mallet.

The time required for people to die by this method of torture varied. It could take up to several hours, a day, or even more. None of the spikes pierced any vital organs and blood loss was kept to a minimum as the spikes actually prevented blood loss. If the victim survived the chair, he would either die of blood loss after enduring the torture and being removed from the spikes or would die of an infection from the puncture marks in their body.

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