In geometry, a spidron is a continuous flat geometric figure composed entirely of triangles, where, for every pair of joining triangles, each has a leg of the other as one of its legs, and neither has any point inside the interior of the other. A deformed spidron is a three-dimensional figure sharing the other properties of a specific spidron, as if that spidron were drawn on paper, cut out in a single piece, and folded along a number of legs.

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SPIDRON - Stereo 3d object mapping / A38 Gallery / 19.05-24.05. 2014 / Budapest

from Bordos.ArtWorks / Bordos L Zsolt 

Remind me not to browse strange sites when I’m super tired, because I always end up finding something weird and not being able to process it and then I just kind of keep browsing and tripping out and being like ohmygod coool but what’s going oonnnn…

It started with a simple curiosity that led to the spidrons… seriously check this shit out it keeps getting weirder