Man this picture took a very long time, but I wanted to get it just right! This picture is for Michelle, but I also wanted to thank Maya, Dana and Newtrino, who made really awesome prints for the kickstarter. A lot of work was put in to make that kickstarter special. Its only been my second kickstarter I participated in, but I had never seen so much thought put in toward the people who enjoy a webcomic before. It was really incredible. Michelle, I know that there has been some up and downs, but always know that you have very supporting people and fans backing you. You deserved every cent you got out of that kickstarter. Keep up the good work, because you are doing really great things.

chicspice said:

so I saw your request about drawing Precure fanart, so I'd thought I would hit you up on that offer (cause I am curious about your art XD). If you don't mind, can you draw me Urara and Syrup? In return, I will draw something for you c:


sure, if you want to draw me something I am down with it! I’d love to see some Cure Berry.

Hello, hello, to all of my old and new art fans! (or just passersby who don’t actually like my art and are just watching it being reposted, but please help my fragile ego, lol) Those who know me probably know of my mostly-retired deviantART account, doodles within my notebooks and papers, and my sporadic scribbles on Photoshop. I also did some concept art for the Fire Emblem hack, Dream of Five and constantly create new OCs for various roleplays on Serenes Forest (which I need to keep up with, but time has been quite the commodity for me lately.) For those of you who follow the uber-talented chicspice or spicerart (her art blog) on tumblr, you should be well-acquainted with this character already! Her name is Aethelinde, and she’s a character in the Garden of Vedette RP that chicspice and I have been messing around with for a long time. For more information on this lovely girl, please visit her art blog!

Thank you for your time!

And just what are YOU looking at!?

Picking up where I left off in my series of Ava’s Demon warmups, here is Maggie! Oh man, I love her so much. She is so fiery its awesome. I can’t wait to see her come back into the story. I wonder what happened to her after that crash…..

Maggie Lacivi and Ava’s Demon belong to Michelle

Oh heavens me! What am I ever going to do!?

A little warm up drawing of Ava Ire from Ava’s Demon. Why is it that whenever I draw Ava, I always make her panicking? Do I just enjoy her being upset? hmmmmm…..

Ava Ire and Ava’s Demon belong to Michelle

I couldn’t help but get out a fanart of Marina from Maya Kern's Monster Pop. I’ve been meaning to draw her for a while now, and its nice to finally get around doing so. She’s such a major cutie patootie. I can’t wait to see more of her in the upcoming weeks 8D

For those of you who are up to date with the comic, there is a bit of an easter egg on one of her books. Can you guess what it is?