Can you make fanart of other people’s fanart? Well too late I guess.

I had a thought that there might be flowers in Kazooland shaped like teacups which catch the rain, which is Earl Grey Tea. The plants use it for nutrients but that doesn’t stop Kazoolanders from having impromptu tea parties… or Upgrade from picking the flowers.

(Upgrade in Kazooland idea originally by Obscenelybefuddled. Crappy cellphone picture because I still don’t have a scanner.)


i’m really not proud of it but I can’t edit it anymore because I didn’t save the .psd file so this version is going to have to suffice, sorry. AND I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON IT ANYMORE, SO TAKE IT ;-;

Also I think I said that Knave!Spine was supposed to have a red eye in place of an eyepatch and therefore odd eyes but I thought that might be stealing Rabbit’s thunder a bit so I decided against it.

Also like just as I finished inking I remembered Caterpillar!Hatchy had four arms so theres a sort of vague suggestion that he’s got them. I swear.

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"Take the Vorpal Blade, Hero…"

The sword was supposed to have a glow and the text was supposed to be on the image but the program crashed (again!?) before I could do that so I flipped imaginary various tables, called it a day, and I’m uploading it like this. White Queen Paige, presenting the Hero of Kazooland with the Vorpal Blade.

I hope you all like it!

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