So guys, heard of SPG Committee? Yeah, they’re asking for money and fanfics and fanart to raise money for Tumbl Con or something.

Except their askbox isn’t open, nor their submit box, so we can’t freaking ask questions.

Except their posts have those skeevy hover ads and mysterious HTML.

Except they said that they’ve been in contact with the band but have no proof. Last time someone emailed the band, it was the first time they’d heard of the SPG Committee.

So, until they get more transparent (who the hell is running it, anyway? Anyone got any usernames?) and there’s confirmation from the band, don’t give them anything.

guardianmisfit said:

Hey, this is Guardian, head of the SPG Committee. You reblogged our poster and questioned its legality. We have been in contact with that band, and we're good to go with fundraising :) Thank you for your concern, but I'd appreciate if you took down the comment so as not to give out the wrong idea about us to your followers and the fanmily :) Thank you for reblogging!!! Be sure to follow our tumblr! (spgcommittee) ~Guardian (Committee Head) - SPG Committee - Tumbl-con USA~

You don’t have your ask box open, no submit, and have shown no proof that you have the band’s permission to ask for funds/ auction off fanworks, so no I won’t be taking my reblog down.

 Also, some others have raised questions of their own:

 “Why are you auctioning off fan works when there can be real SPG merchandise, if the band is all for it?  How does the fan artist obtain permission from the band before giving you permission, and how are you getting into contact with fan artists that you want?  How are artists coming to contact you if they wish to donate their work without a submit/ask that is open?”

 “Who is running the committee (both user name and something similar to a real name so we know who is donating the money), and why is this going via paypal, which has limits set, instead of an actual fundraising website?”

 “Why did you decide to be the one to represent the fandom right away, instead of passing it by the band first and letting THEM be the ones to ask for representatives? The fandom is pretty large, with VERY opposing views within itself.  Suggesting that SPG goes to this, and putting it to a vote would have more people behind the idea, would get all the information out there, and wouldn’t have people thinking it’s a scam.”

 "With you putting yourselves as ‘representing the fandom’ and yet it seems very few people know who you are, it doesn’t feel like a good representation of who or what the fandom is.  Furthermore, we have no idea what you stand for in the fandom, and that worries a LOT of people including fan artists and writers, as to how you’re going to present us to the public."

I’m afraid the whole thing just still smells fishie and you’re going to have to give the fandom as a whole a lot of answers before my or many other peoples opinions change.

SPG fandom at Tumbl-con!

So guys (and gals) tumbl-con is starting up and many committees for every fandom are working hard to make this experience awesome! including my committee :) I’m head of the SPG committee and we need people just to know of and support the cause! If you’re curious as to what’s going on, have requests, or just want to help, go on over to the spgcommittee tumblr page and follow/ask away!

ps: i’m going to be posting this… A LOT… so sorry for the spam :)


We will be holding an auction at the beginning of May of SPG fan art, fan fics, and crafts and such and we need YOU (or people you know) to participate! SO, if you would like to maybe advertise your works or would like to find out more about this, PLEASE MESSAGE US!!! And, if you could, reblog this and send this out so artists and writers who may want to help out can find out about this!

Thanks! ~SPG Committee

A Question from the Lovely SPG Committee!

Hey everybody! A friendly hello to everyone following!

The SPG committee is looking for fanfiction writers (and possibly artists)! We need people who are willing to put forward time and effort into their work!

(warning: products may be commissions and will be auctioned off)

note: we’re offering a percentage of the proceeds to the artists/writers, but works may also be donated charitably :)

Message us if you’re interested! That is all!

<3 SPG Committee

Ideas for Tumbl-con

The members of the spgcommittee have brainstormed some fantastic ideas:

  • Pantomime Workshop
  • Robot Make-up Tutorial
  • Band Interview/Performance
  • Fanbot Meetup/Photoshoot
  • Fanart Meetup
  • Improv Competition (Similar to whose line)
  • Discssion over costumes, spg, etc
  • lots more bot/steampunk related stuff

Like I said, these are ideas, so haven’t been finalized or worked on.

If you wish to see something here that isn’t, send us an ask and we’ll take your ideas int consideration :)

<3 spgcommittee

Those weird boxes on my posts :(

Dear followers, yes, I’ve noticed them, too. Those strange boxes and links on my posts. I’ve been trying to find the source for the past week and slowly learning the html needed to understand whats going on. I think I’ve found the cause of this problem and I hope future bugs will not occur!

Again, thank you for following us!

~GuardianMisfit - SPG Committee Head~

About Us at the Committee!

Hello friends, followers, and fanmily! I know y’all have been curious as to who we are! We are NOT representatives of the fandom, for we have not been chosen, but rather fellow fans who have volunteered to give something to the fanmily at Tumbl-Con USA! I, Susan (GuardianMisfit), am head of this committee. I volunteered to do this, as well as our other members. We’ve dedicated a lot of our time to help put this together, so we hope you all like it! I finally remembered to open the ask and submit boxes, so feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions!

See y’all in 2014!