Spellstuck Chapter 4 - Aranea Serket and the Short History Class


Cover art by gothichamlet! (Thank you darling!)

Author: snowchildhero
Fandom: Homestuck/Harry Potter Alternate Universe
General Summary/Characters/Pairings: What would happen if some of our favorite (or not so favorite) characters attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry? This fanfiction focuses around the adventures of Ravenclaw Aranea Serket, Gryffindor Kankri Vantas, and Slytherin Cronus Ampora, as they deal with the trials and tribulations of wizarding school life. This includes not only being trolls living amongst humans, but being the unpopular trolls at that. The pairings include pale Cronus/Kankri, and moving towards black/red Cronus/Aranea.
Chapter Summary: Eridan and Vriska get to watch Cronus pay way too much attention to his appearance getting ready for History of Magic class. He is eager to be paired with Aranea, but when the subject of the lesson is Orphaner Dualscar, Cronus’s interest mysteriously drops…
Notes:  Sorry this chapter took so long. I was working extra hard to make Vriska and Eridan as believable as possible. Please let me know what you guys think! I am always open to constructive criticism. Thank you to my beta for this chapter, saccharinesylph!

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There was supposed to be a Halloween stand alone chapter of Spellstuck focusing on Cronus and Kankri..

….but I had a major project due for my gradschool course, along with Halloween being my anniversary, so I wasn’t able to make much progress on it until today…and probably won’t have it done for another few days yet :(

I hope you guys don’t mind getting a belated Potterstuck Cronkri Halloween fic! (If you’re not all past the spooky season by now.)  It’s not completely Halloween oriented, but it’s pretty freaky for the two boys…

In any case, a chapter is coming and already has an awesome cover pic! Stay tuned!

Potterstuck Art Contributers, anyone?

Hey guys! So I have been very fortunate artwise with my fanfiction, Spellstuck. I have had an awesome art contribution by squigglenaut for the cover of chapter 3! And I’ve had the honor of having gothichamlet draw something for EVERY chapter through 5. I REALLY want to give her a break!

I have been feeling out possible commissions for future chapter covers/illustrations, particularly for a certain scene in chapter 6. But that is not something I am going to be able to do for every chapter. I am perfectly happy releasing chapters by themselves, but I know the art can be fun and help make things more interesting. So, I was wondering, are there any artists out there who would like to do future chapter cover/illustration/etc? If so, please let me know any character and scene preferences and/or time restraints you might have. Aranea, Cronus, and Kankri are the three main characters but there will be others like Eridan, Vriska, Meenah, Feferi, Sollux, Latula, Mituna, and Karkat. (Plus others who I don’t want to give away!)

I’m NOT expecting any replies to this, but I figured it was worth asking before I started releasing illustration-less chapters.

Thank you everyone! <3

I just wanted to mention that writing Spellstuck has been a great experience for me!

Chapter 5 broke 10k words, which is more than I have ever bothered to write for any fanfic in my fandom history, ever. And there is still so much more to be written!

Potterstuck may be considered silly to some, but I have SO much fun with it. And writing the actual fic has been good for me, too. It’s a great distraction when I’ve had a hard day at work, and something I can focus on if I have a case of the blahs.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading, as well as helping me by betaing, drawing art, commenting, or even just simply leaving kudos or liking. As great as it is writing it, at the same time it is wonderful and motivating to know other people are reading!


You guys are great! <3 Thank you again, and I hope you’ll enjoy the chapters to come!

seo-yuzuki said:

Cronus: Do you have any fantasies about Aranea or Kankri? Kankri: Are you actually asexual or are you just celibate?

(Decided to go with quirks, though I don’t typically use them in my fic!)

Cronus: vwhen it comes to aranea, there are many things I fantasize about, though most of them she vwould probably smack me for. i vwill admit that in one of them she is vwearing one of those human muggle sexy vwitch outfits. her legs look amazing in those striped socks.

as for kankri, i fantasize about putting spell-o-tape ovwer his mouth. not for anything kinky, mind you. the peace and quiet vwould be pleasant.

Kankri:I d9 h9pe y9u realize h9w full 9f 6iases y9ur questi9n is, in fact, th9se wh9 are 9f an asexual nature may 6e triggered 6y y9ur lack 9f definiti9n and y9ur assumpti9n that all f9rms 9f asexuality can 6e neatly defined int9 9ne little w9rd. 6ut if y9u are c9nsidering asexuality t9 mean ‘9ne wh9 is c9mpletely uninterested in intimacy 9f a c9ncupiscent nature’ I am afraid that I d9 n9t fit said descripti9n. I w9uld n9t 6e 9pp9sed t9 said relati9nships at a time in my life when my wizarding training is at an end. 6ut pri9r t9 such a time, I shall remain celi6ate

So, I open up my word processor to see where I left off with Spellstuck, and this is what I find in my recents. With the exception of a half asses scavenger hunt sheet I made for a potterstuck meetup I ran, my last two months have been entirely gradschool. (these are all lesson plan unit segments.)

The good news is, I got all A’s! The bad news is my Halloween chapter won’t be near Halloween :\ Sorry folks! I’ll try to write what I can today.

anonymous said:

When will Chapter 6 be out?

Sorry for the delay on answering this anon - it is still being written, and I am working out who is doing the cover art for it! But it SHOULD be up by Thursday or Friday of next week. I’m excited for this chapter since there will be both plot AND relationship/character development!

Just to warn you guys in advance, I have Anime Boston at the end of this month. Then in June, I am taking an intensive grad school class. I DO plan on continuing to work on the fic, updates will just be more slow through the end of June.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel - I am off from work and class (minus a few trainings) in July and August! So summer will hopefully bring more releases! <3

Anyway, thank you for waiting, guys!

Spellstuck 4, coming soon, and TMI Tuesday!

Hey folks! So Spellstuck 4 is officially written. It should be up within the next few days, once it is back from the betas and corrected!

Today is Tuesday, and I am going to be home all day! I’m not sure if anyone will actually do this, but my ask is open to TMI Tuesday time, Spellstuck version. Feel free to ask about…

- Personal questions to any of our three leads. I’ll answer in their voice.
- Relationship questions about the story.
- Any general questions/comments/concerns regarding this AU
- What REALLY goes on in the Room of Requirement *eyebrow wiggle*

So yes…


Not really expecting much, but in general guys, today IS a good day if you want to ask me anything about the story! I am here! <3 Thank you again for reading.

Apologies for the hiatus!

To anyone out there who may be waiting for Spellstuck 7, I apologize for the delay. I thought the summer would be less busy for me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Otakon prep has been keeping me VERY busy! 7 is being worked on, and the lovely liesunseen has been doing some art for it! (I saw the previews and they look AWESOME so far!) Hang in there! It WILL happen!

I don’t know if anyone is going, but I’ll be at Otakon this weekend! On Friday I will be in Ginny Weasley, on Saturday I will be in Pirate Aranea (my main costume for the con) and Sunday humanstuck Aranea (as well as more humanstuck Friday and Saturday night for the draw party.) Please feel free to say hello! I always enjoy talking Potterstuck! ;-)

In the mean time, if you haven’t read it already, I wrote a prequel fic of sorts, Love Potion Mishaps, about how Cronus and Kankri became moirails. I also reblogged some more Kankri and Aranea cosplay shenanigans, right over here. I promise Spellstuck 7 is being worked on, and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has been reading! <3 Take care!

Spellstuck 6, and approaching 100 Followers!

I apologize that the weekend is coming to a close and I have not posted chapter 6 yet. I have gotten VERY busy prepping for Anime Boston next weekend, and my time to write has been limited. I will say that I am about 75% done with the chapter! I am going to try to release it before I leave for the con, otherwise, it’ll be when I get home. The chapter cover art is already done and it is glorious, I am waiting on some sketches from another artist for the chapter itself, which should also be wonderful!

I am approaching 100 followers, and when I reach it, I would like to say thank you! I was thinking of taking a few drabble prompt requests, or writing some kind of special ficlet. What do you guys think?

Thanks again for following! <3

anonymous said:

Wait I'm confused, how does your story relate to the cosplay photos vantasss takes?

So here is the story, vantasss is a friend of mine IRL! We each had our own potterstuck ideas, she puts hers into her intros for the cosplay photosets, I put mine into my fanfic. There are many, MANY places where we over lap, and we have given each other ideas! We have a TON of fun doing the photoshoots together, and those shoots incorporate many of our ideas!

But yes, at the end of the day, there are some differences, as they are two different mediums by two different people. For instance, in Spellstuck, the Alternian set of trolls from the original canon are 4th years, where as in the Potterstuck Project they are 3rd years. There are also some characterization differences too - for instance, in JJ’s intro, she mentioned Aranea hadn’t been around Meenah much recently because of Slytherin Quidditch practice. In Spellstuck, Meenah is actually not at Hogwarts and hasn’t been since the first week of school, for reasons that will be relevant to the plot later on! Also, in Spellstuck, Cronus is not ‘mugglekin’  (though that idea made me laugh my ass off!) There is a different explanation for his love of humans, and it started to come out in chapter four.

So yeah, tl;dr, we have a LOT in common and many of these photos incorporate Spellstuck ideas! I definitely hope to continue to collaborate with these lovely ladies because it is a blast! But you can expect to see some differences. Personally, I enjoy it, it’s great seeing different takes on things!

pranabanana said:

In the Spellstuck AU, is Kankri a seer? Do classpects even play a role in this story?

That is a good question! No, they do not. Sburb does not exist in the Spellstuck universe, and so the classpects were not something I was taking into consideration when it came to abilities.

This may be a bit off topic, but one thing that Spellstuck has instead are magical abilities linked to a troll’s color on the hemospectrum. For example, ceruleans like Aranea have increased empathic abilities. Others, including Kankri’s, will be revealed as we go along, and play important roles in the story. So there will be certain “extras” for the trolls, but not in the form of their Sburb classes and aspects.

anonymous said:

when are you updating spellstuck? (i'm sorry this is obnoxious i'm just really excited for the next chapter don't mind me)

No it is TOTALLY fine anon, I am excited that there are people itching to read it!

Currently, I have had a bad case of the IRL going on - it is the end of the school year (I’m a teacher) and the end of an intensive 5 week course (I’m also a grad student, ahaha) So things have been really busy and I haven’t had as much time to write. When I have been able to, I’ve been working on my last drabble request, which is a Spellstuck side ficlet about Cronus and Kankri. I’m hoping that’ll be out within the next few days, and then I’ll begin on Chapter 7.

The good news is after this week, I have two months off from work and class! While the summer will have other stuff to keep me busy, I DO plan on trying to get out as much as this fic as I can! So expect more frequent updates this summer!

Thank you for reading! I’ll do my best to get things rolling soon! <3