tigrx asked:

/whispers speedycat child

  • Name: Mariana Elena Nelson
  • Gender: Female
  • General appearance: Facially, Annie would be the spitting image of Wanda if it wasn’t for the fiery red hair. She has Pietro’s green eyes and Greer’s figure and long, long legs.
  • Personality: Annie is a troubled girl and she tends to bottle it up until she explodes—usually violently. Like Pietro she has a hardwired flight instinct that makes her ignore or run from problems until she simply boils over, usually with disastrous consequences. The only person she never screams at is her mother, and that’s only because the one and only time she accused Greer of being a bad mother in a dumb moment of teenage pique, she found herself on her back staring at Greer as she walked away.
  • Special talents: Annie’s powers didn’t manifest until she was nearly in her twenties. It was almost as if her explosive personality negated any trauma that would usually trigger mutation, so instead it happened on a most normal of days when she was going to visit her brother Will. That’s when a remainder of the Cat genes in her bloodstream became active, and in a matter of hours she found herself looking much like her mother had; her fur came in like a white tiger’s, with dark circles around her eyes and ears.
  • Who they like better: Neither, really. They both piss her off in their own ways.
  • Who they take after more: Deeeeefinitely Pietro.
  • Personal headcanon: They tried to work it out, really, but in the end, it was their differences that drove them apart. Pietro did as much as he could to be in Annie’s life, and Greer ensured the girl wanted for nothing, but they simply couldn’t be in the same zip code without arguing, and Annie never forgave either of them for it. Annie started running away when she was ten—the first time, she got lost and wound up in Hell’s Kitchen where a very perplexed Daredevil kept an eye on her until Pietro could come fetch her. Greer was livid, Pietro was concerned, and another fight broke out. The next time Annie spent a week sleeping at Wanda’s house.
  • Face claim:
    Deborah Ann Woll


tjnocturne asked:

speedycat [ehehehe]


  • what was their first kiss like? Rough and basically a fight for dominance. Lots of tongue.
  • where were they their first time having sex? Former West Coast mansion; her room.
  • who’s louder? Pietro
  • who wakes up first? Pietro
  • who performs/receives oral more often? Greer always gets it, she never gices it coz rough tongue.
  • who tries new things more often? I think they’d be about even.
  • if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include? I don’t think they would? Greer doesn’t like girls (pfft who u foolin gurl) and Pietro wouldn’t wanna share her so :/