March 30, 1957: Former President Harry S. Truman arrived at Pennsylvania Station for a visit to his pregnant daughter and his son-in-law, only to be harped at by reporters asking about “strained relations” between him and the sitting president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. “I just don’t give a damn,” Mr. Truman was quoted in The Times, which also noted that his topcoat was three years old and that his wife, Bess Truman, left, wore blue. Meanwhile, on the front page that day, The Times reported on newspapermen badgering President Eisenhower, in the form of a high-speed chase: “Three press cars were required to slow down to the legal fifty-five-mile-an-hour limit,” the article recalled, while the “four White House automobiles at the head of the procession were allowed to continue at a seventy-mile-an-hour clip. The police told the newsmen: ‘You’ll all be killed one day.’ ” Photo: Ernie Sisto/The New York Times

What would you say if you was caught speeding? =))
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April 11, 2015

It was such a nice day, but I got pulled over trying to drop off mom in Annandale. Fuckin’ great. I don’t have my hard-copy license on me. Damn the BMW for being such a smooth ride; I can never tell how fast I’m going. But also, screw the cop for waiting at the bottom of a hill to pull me over. A vehicle naturally accelerates going downhill! Such a cheap pull. I got my rejection letter in the mail today from my super important prospective dream job… I kind of figured, but I hoped nonetheless that I might have gotten in. Now I have to wait to apply again. I wonder if I’ll even want to, a year from now… Kind of a bummer of a day.