Bad Guy Files #9, happy 3000th post.

Today at work I’ve cut my hand by accident and it looks, well, shitty. In order to cheer myself up I’m going to write about character who probably doesn’t have to worry about their hand not being suited to work - Coat of Arms

Who is she: Lisa Molinari, former juvenile and an aspiring artist. Who has a very strong fascination with concept of heroes and villains. She’s Green Goblin fangirl. She came in the posession of magic coat that grants her abilities to manifest additional arms, fly and pull magic weapons from it. It’s reffred to as Tiboro’s Coat, linking it to occasional Doctor Strange villain, who aims to make chaos and decay consume the world, so he can enter this dimension and conquer it. Which probably doesn’t make it a good thing Lisa has it. Suprising she haven’t teamed up with the Hood yet.

By the way, anybody else has a hard time picturing this guy

Wearing this

I mean, it doesn’t seem to be his style.

Who she fought with: Lisa had entered superhero scene wheh she assembled her own team of Young Avengers, which later clashed with original Young Avengers and pretty much became Young Masters of Evil (so, kinda fail?). She also knows Speed back from the juvie and seems there might’ve been something between them at one point. She was later seen as one of Jeremy Briggs’ allies, when she fought with Avengers Academy. She seems to have some knowledge of magic, seeing how she managed to steal and use in battle White Tiger’s and Reptil’s amulets.

Who should she fight with: I really want to see her have a go against Ms. Marvel. The fact they’re both fangirls would give an interesting spin on their confrontation - I’m pretty sure they could find to have a lot in common and would probably be friends, if only Lisa’s idol wasn’t Green freaking Goblin. In a way Coat of Arms could serve as a twisted image of Kamala - a reminder that following inspiration of your idol is not always a good thing.

And for some reason I picture her writing creepy Green Goblin/Captain Marvel fanfic, posting it online and Kamala reacting with disgust…and maybe a bit of bile fascination.

Calling it a night on the Healey Special for the Rally Historico.

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ok u know what, after realizing there’s a shortage of vixx (and other artists) posts from kbs gayo daechukje on my dash, i figured i need to follow more kpop blogs

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i’m also going to be unfollowing a lot of people because i already follow over 800 blogs, most of which are homestuck and superwholock blogs

lmfao i already follow so many vixx, bts, and exo blogs, i bet $10 someone i already follow is gonna like this