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The Love Life of Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru has a lot of things going for her.  A creative mind, leadership skills, nurturing habits, beauty, magic powers – but her love life is something that she hasn’t gotten a handle on.  She’s sort of well known for having replaced stress-eating with stress-kissing.  When she’s stressed, she snogs.  Seeking comfort and support through physical intimacy.  She’s done this with Alex Wilder, Victor Mancha, and Chase Stein. 

Many of these were seeking a rock to steady herself for one reason or another.  With Alex, she was drawn to his leadership.  As a leader herself, she turned to Victor because she saw his kindness and feared her own darkness.  Ansd with Chase, so many bad things had happened go both of them that they turned to each other to hold on in a stressful place.  Though to be fair, the first time she kissed him, it was for the forward thinking and leadership he showed when they were in a bind she couldn’t magic their way out of.  I guess you could call it Chase’s creativity.  But admiration was overcome with mutual sadness in the end.

I’ll also mention Karolina, who we know they kissed sometime in the past, but they never dated.  Nico may be bisexual or a Kinsey 1 ( “Incidentally Homosexual, primarily heterosexual”), but she hasn’t admitted it to herself yet.  For this, though?  We’ll leave that open. 

Nico is single for now, so I thought it might be fun to throw out future romantic options for Nico. 

Canonically, we already have two strong candidates for future dating: Eli Bradley and Tommy Shepard.

She met both of them during Civil War.  She thought Eli was cute and was attracted to him probably for some of the same reasons she initially hooked up with Alex.  Eli presented himself strongly and as a true leader. Nico is more of a leader by default and often likes having an anchor and releasing responsibility for a time.  Eli could provide that.

Tommy, on the other hand, spent more time being like an enhanced version of Chase.  Smarter, faster, more active … and as caring/supportive of Molly as Chase.  She didn’t express interest in him, but he did in her.  If he had a chance to turn on the Charm, I could see Nico opening up to him. 

Though I can also see Tommy trying to date Nico and Kate Bishop together, and with both Kate and Nico’s … Kinsey 1 Scale ratings, I can see them ending up partying to hard one night and Nico looking back at the sprawled Young Avengers pair and cursing herself multiple times for what happened.

Because Nico is a devout Christian (Catholic, I think), and guilt is SO much a part of her character (another reason I think she’s Catholic).  Any time I see Nico hook up with some other girl in fanfiction, I feel it’s not complete until she kicks herself over what happened with Karolina. 

But who else?  Nico Minoru scours the Marvel Universe(s) for someone for her to draw emotional support from – who do you think she should date?  Or at least kiss?  And what do you think the relationship will be like?  Have fun with it!