CCM Entertainment Changes CEO. FINALLY.


T-ARA, SPEED, 5DOLLS, GANGKIZ fans have long shown their dislike for the poor management led by Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwangsoo.

While 2014 has been a year of bad news in the Kpop World, we are happy to learn that Kim Kwangsoo has finally stepped down, with all the CCM artists now under the management of CCM subsidary MBK Entertainment, which has stepped up to replace CCM has the major label of CJ E&M Group.

Whose happy about this news? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[2014.09.30] @CCM_SPEED, Jungwoo & Yoohwan Twitter Conversation

CCM_SPEED: [SPEED] #스피드 멤버들의 지갑을 제가 열어 보았습니다. 이 정갈한 지갑들은 어떤 멤버들의 것 일까요?? 인용하기로 정답을 보내주세요!!

[SPEED] I have opened the wallets belonging to the members of #SPEED. Which members do you think own these neat wallets?? Give us an answer by quoting this Tweet!!


Jungwoo: @CCM_SPEED 지갑돌려주세요….. ㅜ

@CCM_SPEED Please return my wallet….. ㅜ

Jungwoo: @CCM_SPEED ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ씨군바보!!

@CCM_SPEED ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋC-goon you fool!!

CCM_SPEED: @yoosung90 아직 그 소식 못 들었어요? 씨군 요즘 운동한대요! 이종격투기!!

@yoosung90 Haven’t you heard the news yet? C-Goon does Mixed Martial Arts these days!!

Yoohwan: @CCM_SPEED @yoosung90 그래서 요즘 떡대가…대다나당

@CCM_SPEED @yoosung90 That’s why C-Goon is a hunk these days… amazing

Jungwoo: @SUPREME_0729 @CCM_SPEED 신타식스랑 몬스터밀크 혼합해서 드시면서 벌크업중이신듯..

@SUPREME_0729 @CCM_SPEED Seems like C-Goon is Bulking up by eating a combination of Syntha-6 and Monster Milk

CCM_SPEED: #스피드 #김유환 #김정우 멋있는 척 하려고 했지만 뒤에서 바나나 먹는 정우형 때문에 망친 사진.jpg @yoosung90 @SUPREME_0729

#SPEED #KimYooHwan #KimJungWoo trying to act cool but the photo got ruined due to Jungwoo hyung eating a banana back there.jpg @yoosung90 @SUPREME_0729


Jungwoo: @CCM_SPEED @SUPREME_0729 훈훈

@CCM_SPEED @SUPREME_0729 How warm

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