Click on each picture to see it bigger.

Let’s start with a disclaimer: credits go to suitsdirection and myself. This is pure speculation. We have no idea what is in the head of this kid.

Our opinions are subject to change if there is a new pic that does not fit, ok? (We do admit that some theories are reaching.)

Reaching, speculating, call whatever you want. We tried.

(26th Dec.)

stilinski1011 asked:

I The fact that Stiles is able to hold down multiple werewolves while their in werewolf form, and no one notices amazes me. I mean I could totally be imagining this but I don't know.

Oh you’re not imagining it

In 3x01, Derek makes Stiles hold Scott down while he gives Scott a tattoo


In 3x02, Stiles (kind of) helps to hold Isaac down during the ice bath 


Also, in 3x06 Stiles manages to wrestle a saw away from a werewolf hell-bent on committing suicide. 


In 4x06, Stiles and Derek hold Brett down


In 4x10, Stiles holds Malia’s punch which is pretty impressive


And even Stiles seems surprised by his ability to do that



And these are only a couple examples of Stiles possessing more strength than what would be expected for someone totally human

Endgame predictions...

*shakes Magic 8 Ball*

I think season 6 of Downton Abbey will be the last, and I really hope that’s the case. Everything feels like it’s inexorably moving toward an end. So here’s where I think it’s going. Check back in 364 days.

1) Carson/Hughes become the Carsons. I mean, we know that’s happening now. They move into their house and become grandparents to…

2) Baby Bates. That will happen either at the end of the season or the Christmas special. They finally get their dream of a little hotel to run, and the last shot is them on the train leaving Downton station, just as the first shot of the series was Bates on the train.

3) Mrs. Patmore doesn’t quite retire, but she’s close. She’s training Daisy as her successor, but there’s still the question of the Mason farm that’s unresolved.

4) *Sigh* Thomas ends up as butler. He’s earned it. He’s been training for it. Maybe he’ll even find himself a fellow and live happily ever after as everyone intentionally has blinders about it because they’re like whatever, he’s happy.

5) Molesley becomes valet to Robert. Baxter remains lady’s maid to Cora. I don’t see her taking over for Mrs. Hughes. Baxley happens, and because they’re equals and not required to live at the house, they get married and move into the former Bates cottage.

6) Edith finds happiness. Maybe with the estate guy from the Christmas special. He wasn’t thrown in for no reason. She likes working men and seemed to like him quite a bit.

7) Someone find the money for Matthew Goode, for god’s sake. Another case of why bring him in if you’re not going to use him? Henry is more than happy to be stepfather to George, and he seems very independently wealthy and sure of himself. Make it so.

8) Tom comes to visit in the Christmas Special with his new American wife/fiancée in tow. Awkward, but it has to happen eventually. They family likes her, despite their reservations.

I think that’s it. So. Yeah.

anonymous asked:

What do you speculate will happen in 6x11?

Okay so I was thinking about this (I know it’s been like two weeks since you asked, sorry!), but it made me realize…

What happened to Damon’s video journal???

Based on the on-the-set spoilers, I’m speculating that either Bonnie will be back in the present day by the end of 6x11, or Damon will be back in 1994 with her. The former sounds way more likely than the latter at this point. Either way, I think that means that if we’re going to get any follow-through on that video journal, it’s going to have to happen in 6x11. And it seems kind of pointless to introduce it if we aren’t going to get follow-through.

Even if we were to call it an homage to the series title, or a parallel to Stefan and Elena’s journaling habits… it just seems unlikely that they’d make mention of it and then drop it entirely.

Honestly, I’m mostly just surprised it didn’t come up in 6x10. When you think about it, that’s the main difficulty in having Bonnie over in 1994 all by herself: the fact that if you give her nothing/no one to bounce dialogue off of, it’s much harder to keep the story moving, at least with the way this show is typically written.

Hence why we get her talking to the sun, the tree, the memory of her friends. I do still feel like they could have handled Bonnie’s parts of 6x10 better (most pointedly, by directly showing us her reactions to the flashbacks, rather than using her to set them up and then giving us a general reaction at the end that felt sort of disconnected), but I guess I’m making peace with why/how they did it. I mean, at least it’s better than seasons past where it would have all been shunted offscreen… baby steps?

Anyway, I’m way off track from your question now. So yeah, I speculate that Bonnie will discover/watch Damon’s video journal in 6x11, and that one way or another, she will make it back to the present day.

I think part of how that will happen will involve Kai and Damon. Kai still has his 1994 Ascendant, as far as we know. I think he’s going to use that and kidnapped!Elena as leverage. And I think, based on the many times this exact dilemma has been presented to Damon, Kai is possibly going to propose a choice: save Bonnie using the Ascendant, or uncloak Elena. And I think Damon will once again try to save both, somehow.

I’m not sure yet what’s in it for Kai. I’ve seen a number of people speculating he’ll want Damon to hand over Ms. Cuddles and Bonnie’s magic. I’m not sure to what end, though, and I’ll be really upset if Damon does that. He knows what that magic means to Bonnie, and as the Bennett bloodline protector and imo Bonnie’s personal familiar, Damon sacrificing Bonnie’s magic just doesn’t work for me.

It wouldn’t be his sacrifice to make first of all, and as one of the few people vocally expressing just how much Bonnie has undeservedly sacrificed, I would hate if he forced her to sacrifice something as integral to her as her magic.

Not to mention the fact that she sent him her magic for safekeeping, specifically to keep it away from Kai. It’s symbolic of her trust in him, and of her view of him as a safe harbor in the storm, so to speak. And I feel like he understands that and wouldn’t betray her in that way…

Alternate possibility for what Kai wants: Jo. That’s his endgame, right? To merge with her? I bet now that they know he’s got all that magic from the traveler’s spell, they’re keeping Jo hidden away somewhere, probably protected and unlocatable thanks to the twins’ magic…I don’t know, I’m still sort of thinking through the possibilities I guess. What do you think?

So I can’t really form this into a coherent sentence, but I have a thought process
Vallaslin -> Slave markings
Elven gods? Mistranslation. Elven lords
Markings don’t show god worship, but who the elf belonged to. A personal brand.
Fen’harel was known to both sides, the lords and serfs both saw him as one of them. He helped the slaves rebel by locking the lords away, thereby freeing the slaves.
As a real-world parallel, slaves generally weren’t the best educated, thus the loss of the elvhen knowledge.

anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate a little on the timeline theory? I don't know if it's just because I'm really tired but I can't seem to make sense of the post you posted earlier with all the theories haha, what exactly does the timeline theory suggest?

hi haha yes I can. It is as shit as everything…

So originally when I first saw H wearing the flamingo shirt on TXF I was like wait a minute this reminds me to the flamingo pic. I kinda gave it a rest and then bumped into their promo timeline and that is when it “clicked”.

On his IG he posts M.J (TXF) and then the flamingoes (TXF) and then 3 Italy pictures. The events matched the timeline.

After that we thought that the guy in the striped suit can be a reference to SNL, which got debunked very early, so then we had another assumption, that it is again abuot sexuality rumors with famous people, but the year 1968 is not referring to Bonnie and Clyde (that is 1967) but the movie Jigsaw. I do not have enough brain cells at the moment to figure the role of this pic out. Or the imporance of the Jigsaw movie.

Then we have the sticks, which we initially thought will be the beginning of colors (right after SNL he would start posting pics in colors), got debunked again. The picture shows a damn big mess. Could be this whole stunt/big mess in NYC. Could be something else easily.

Then we have the meat pic which is a defeinite football reference and did not make sense at all but in the timeline it could fit perfectly with Dec 26th, the Man UTD game. (This is where we are now)

Then we have K.C. whose mose famous song was about blue eyes = Louis = Louis day = Dec 24th), but SINCE the meat pic can be about Dec 26th, the KC pic needs to have another explanation. If the theory is not completely shit, of course.

Then Nirvana. This is the most interesting one. H wore the in-ears for the In Utero album in South America, We assume it is about reaching the nirvana, or a rebirth. With all the Azoff speculation, this means Jan 1st.

Then we have the graffiti artist and if you run a google search you can see how colorful everything is he makes, can be presumed the beginning of colors.

So in short according to the timeline theory: H will post IG pictures in color shortly after Jan 1st.

lillysbitchfest asked:

People really think only Regina is being denied her happy ending... I have to wonder how far up Regina's butt these people are? Seriously! Marian has her agency repeatedly taken from her and has to go out into a world totally unlike anything she is prepared to deal with and has to depend on a man she KNOWS doesn't love her and instead is in love with her killer. Rumple's son is dead. Dead. no coming back. He searched for him for 300 odd years and now he's gone (part 1 of more...)

and we are supposed to buy that he had the happy ending because he got married? That that was everything he wanted? How shallow do you have to be to assume that romantic love is the only thing in the whole world you need. Neal/Bae… where is his happy ending? His second chance? He’s dead and didn’t even get to see his son before he went. Where is Graham’s happy ending? He got 40 odd years of imprisonment and rape then a few moments of personal freedom before he’s murdered, by Regina and no one gets to even know about this and only Regina is being punished? Only Regina isn’t getting everything she wants? WTF!? Mulan doesn’t get the one she loves, the person she loves is married to someone else with a child and, unlike Robin, is happy with that and doesn’t seem to want her. So where is the giant pity party for Mulan? Seriously Regina and Regina stans need to open their eyes and realize that Regina’s just the only one constantly whining about not getting everything.

Thank you. There are characters on this show who will never get a happy ending, and we won’t even be able to see them attempt to either. At least they get to see Regina embark on a journey to her own happy ending. It’s like you said: Graham didn’t get a happy ending, and he’s dead. Mulan & Ruby didn’t get a happy ending, and I doubt we’ll see either one of them again. At least not in the capacity in which we saw them before. 

Frankly, that’s where my lack of sympathy stems from. Whether or not the writers want Regina to have her happy ending is irrelevant, especially if we’re going to be forced to watch her fuck up yet another opportunity at a happy ending. That’s what’s happening in 4B, right? Regina is going to have a fifth chance at changing and being happy, and she’s not going to take it. Am I wrong in that assessment? 

The narrative so far has established that Meyer is the Blaziken Mask but the concept hasn’t really been used as an integral device for any sort of episodic storyline so far. Based on the fact that the Blaziken Mask’s identity is tied with Meyer’s use of Mega Blaziken and mega evolution, would there be any stake for Meyer to be fighting Team Flare? Alain, Steven, and Mairin are already tied to the plot threads that corroborate their intersection to a supposed introduction to Team Flare. Meyer is a super hero so that already lends enough incentive and motivation for him to meddle in whatever Lysandre has in store for us. His familial ties to Clemont and Bonnie is an obvious avenue that the story schematics can follow to portray an on-going Team Flare arc.

And I start to wonder, is Clemont’s confidence issues in any way tied to his father being the Blaziken Mask? Did the writers intentionally write Clemont to have confidence issues to overcome, not just for the sake of feeding Ash’s hero complex, but because someday in the future, he’ll have to succeed his father? What if Meyer has to go up against Team Flare but fails by getting captured or injured? Under those conditions, Clemont would be inadvertently tested to see if he’s worthy of being the person he would like to be by saving the bravest man he knows, his father.

The gang will eventually return to Lumiose City based off of the latest news we’ve heard about Clemont’s gym battle. We are most likely going to meet Meyer and subsequently Blaziken Mask again. The return to Lumiose City episodes sounds very exciting to me when I think of these possibilities.


3. Mr Carson asks Mrs Hughes to marry him and she says YES!

Last year’s Christmas episode saw Carson and Mrs Hughes dipping their feet into the sea and this year saw Carson pop the question to her! What a difference a year makes. And we have to say that it was a pretty sweet proposal. After being told by Mrs Hughes that she couldn’t buy a B&B with him because she didn’t have any money, he announced that he had put her name on the papers next to his because he wanted her to become his wife. How could Mrs Hughes refuse? And she gave the most perfect response telling the usually composed man: “Of course I’ll marry you, you old booby. I thought you’d never ask!” If Julian Fellowes ever considers making a Downton Abbey spin-off, he has to base it around these two!

Didn’t Phyllis mention the word ‘spinoff’ somewhere? I know she was joking but……

I kinda want Clemont’s discovery of Meyer’s identity to be as if a huge weight is put on his shoulders and gets a dozen thoughts running through his mind of how he could possibly live up to his dad the super hero, protector of Lumiose City, im sure it will mess with his psyche a bit before having a possible heart to heart with Meyer later.

According to Einstein, the basics of the relativity theory, the one which determinate the reality is composed by time and space (and gravity too).

Yuya’s signature spellcasters? Magician of Chronomancy (time) and Magician of Astromancy (space). Which along the Odd-Eyes Dragon are the out of place cards in his deck


TW Rewatch 1x05: Mirror Universes, Coach WTF, Stilinski family dysfunction and more

New episode, new things to find. This one turned out to be a gold mine of stuff, so i’ve decided to split my musings into several posts - here’s a handy link to my TW Rewatch masterpost that i will update regularly.

First a quick recap of 1x05:  Jackson is attacked in the video store, Lydia self-medicates and gets a visit from (what the hell is a) Stiles, Derek tries to get Scott onboard with werewolf training, Scott and Allison skip school, Kate visits Derek showing off her new electric light sabre, Stiles is frustrated with Scott who’s not returning his calls and there is a parent/teacher conference with a surprise mountain lion while Stiles investigates the Hale fire.

Mirror universes ahoy!

So I’m just going to come right out and say it – yes there are cases of shifting realities or mirror verses in this episode as well. Now that I know what to look for and when to look for it, it’s easier to spot the slight changes. Basically it seems to happen whenever something supernatural is going on, like if someone shifts. The first case is in the video store…

Our opening shot is of the video store employee on a ladder -  we get this nice shot of the store and the shelves with DVDs. This is pre-supernatural elements - alpha Peter hasn’t attacked yet.


Later when Jackson enters the store the video clerk has already been killed and alpha peter is lurking behind the shelves the room looks like this


At first glance not all that different. In fact you have to pay extra attention to spot the difference and unless you pause it and play where’s waldo like i did, you’ll probably never catch it. But it’s there.

Firstly some DVDs are different


This is the original shelf when the video store guy is still alive – Notice DVDs in the red square -  there are four in a row, then notice how the next two DVDs mostly hidden behind another shelf clearly is different. Also on the shelf below, inside the blue circle, we have three identical DVDs in a row.

Now this is the same shelf when Jackson enters and the clerk is killed


Now there are six identical DVDs on the top shelf and only two DVDs on the shelf below. A slight shift in reality.

Also there is another difference.


When the clerk is on the ladder there’s a white box of sorts resting against the shelf behind his ladder – notice how it’s very close to the red end of the shelf. When Jackson enters…


… it has been moved further to the right – more away from the red end of the shelf.

This will get long - more under the cut

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Upd8 Analysis and Spec: 12/26/14 Upd8

OMFG John, were These Instructions Friggin Unclear in someway to you??? Did your brain somehow file “FOLLOW MY 1NSTRUCT1ONS TO TH3 L3TT3R” as “J33Z 1 DONT KNOW 3GB3RT, JUST GO W1TH TH3 FLOW 4ND DO WH4T3V3R YOU F33L L1K3 DO1NG WH3N YOU G3T TO E4CH M3MORY. TH4T SHOULD B3 H1L4R1OUS 4ND TH4TS 4LL 4NYON3 C4N R34LLY 4SK FOR FROM L1F3, 1SNT 1T :?”??????

*entirely metaphorical facepalm*

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I swore not to think about it for 24 hours but if anyone is interested the “come on England give us a goal” IG could be today’s Man Utd game in the timeline theory. This means that the KC pic cannot be blue eyes aka Dec 24th. It should be after the 26th.  If you have any suggestions for the K.C. pic, let me know. (traffic light, timeline, countdown, sexuality…or other theory).

anonymous asked:

hello, happy holidays!! :) I just want to say that, as much as I'd love the idea of Larry getting closer and closer to coming out, I simply can't see it. A management shift? Maybe, but not that sure. Some changes in the way H&L "casually" sit or stand next to each other lately. But I don't get why people are getting so excited and positive (hopeful, okay, we need to always be hopeful!), I really tried but can't see it :/ If they were on their way to come out, a lot of things would go differently

Hi, love, happy holidays! :)

Well, I don’t see that many people getting excited for an imminent CO but I actually agree with them. I’m a member of Team Optimism 2.0 so maybe I’m biased but I think things are going great, we can’t know for sure if they’re coming out anytime soon or not but I think things are going exactly the way they should be. I think it’ll happen right after the OTRA tour at most, probably even before that, and the way is pretty seeded for them. How different do you think things would be if they were on their way to CO? I think as long as people are cautiously optimistic (so they won’t get hurt if it doesn’t happen any time soon) there’s nothing wrong with being positive and hopeful :) a lot of things have changed in barely a month, who knows what January has in store for all of us. Whatever happens, it’s going to be an interesting tour.

anonymous asked:

Does it bother anyone else that we're seeing BTS pics of Regina hugging Henry and sending him off to school during 4x12, like nothing's happened? Hook and Emma are there too saying goodbye to Henry, but all the focus is on RB, like Regina is Henry's only mother, and CS are just family friends stopping by to say hello after they get their morning coffee. I know if they plan on Regina losing Henry permanently, it will take all 4b (maybe even 5a), but I still don't want to see anymore RB.

I’ve blocked that post in every way imaginable. Honestly, I expected it so I’m not even overly concerned. I told you guys it was going to get worse before it got better. When the show airs, just mute those scenes or completely change the channel. That’s what I do when I see any semblance of Regina, and it really helps. You can always catch the scenes you want to watch on YouTube, so it’s no big deal. I’d imagine your mute button will get a good workout in this half season anyway, so brace yourselves. 

I’m not optimistic by any means, but you guys are really making it so. It’s a good thing, so don’t feel too bad. If I have to be the optimistic one, then so be it. 

The Golden Key (cover)

I had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate Issue 5, Things that Float for The Golden Key, a journal of speculative and literary writing. The pieces in this issue are really fantastic and gorgeous and floaty, and were such a joy and challenge to illustrate!

Thanks so much, LiAnn and the editors, for letting me be part of this issue!

The Golden Key / @GoldenKeyLit