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What do you think about Femto and his relation to Guts? I believe Griffith hasn't gone yet and lives through Femto. Somehow. And despite the fact that he views Guts as pathetic I still believe there is something like friendship but, of course, not the "pure" friendship as before. Or could it be the romantic kind? I came to this conclusion because I never comprehended as to why Griffith would let Guts live. And always when I see Guts and his encounters with Griffith he still comes out "safely".

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Neo!Griffith and what his ultimate objectives are, but I agree with you that there are plenty of hints that he still feels something for Guts (however twisted that something may be) because otherwise, why bother with him? Why go out of his way to torture Guts and Casca during the Eclipse rather than just finish them off? Why not use his powers to kill Guts before the Skull Knight got him out of there? Why taunt him so much during the Slug Count scene and again fail to kill him when given the chance? Why travel to the Hill of Swords just for the sake of seeing and speaking to Guts? Why save Casca and call off Zodd even after he’d proven to himself that he was free of his human attachments? And why replace Guts and the rest of the Hawks too, if there was no kind of void left by their absence?

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I had this saved as a draft last night because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions but it really looks like the blazer Louis wore on SNL is this one from Saint Laurent ($2,850.00).

(A fan report yesterday said Harry and Louis were in YSL and that Harry was “carrying a nice black blazer coat” on his arm.)

See the 3 white outlines/that animation every time you open a card pack or get an event or challenge clear card?
If you can match as close to the pack picture as possible, you have a higher chance of getting higher challenge rp reward, more B cards in a normal or better A/S cards for premium (match up all three lines together if possible, kinda like osu lol)

Challenge clear card, if I get the outline close to the card pic, I usually get high 3000-5000 rp whereas if I miss the timing on purpose, I found I usually got 2600-2800 r (I have been testing this for almost a week, it is kinda hard to do constently, but once you get the hang of it, you don’t see as much 2600-3000 rp rewards).

Sometimes you do get good rp amount even if you don’t hit the exact timing so I was not really sure if this was even real. It seems hard to do at first.

In order of easiest to hardest to hit perfect timing:
(got usually at least 1 A card, sometimes 2 A or a good S card and one A. Bad timings got me no As.)
-10 or 30 card pack
-Free S card event (I got more 3 card groups when I could hit that timing, but not always)
-5 card

I did about 15-20 rerolls the past two days just to test this and a bunch of challenges (I did 20% wrong timing on purpose, tried to match the rest as best to my ability).

It is really difficult to do consistently, I am only 80% sure this is correct to be honest (I could be well off the mark, but I need confirmation).

Send me asks if it works/doesn’t, if I am completely wrong, I will delete this.

I have not been able to find the right timing for the normal packs, I would start with challenges or the 5 card premium with rerolls if you want to practice and test this. The animation is pretty fast, your internet/lag can mess up your timing.

I discovered this a few days ago, I have a feeling powerup chances can also be better with timing, but have not been able to hit it.
It’s been a rumor I have heard of, but I thought about the packs after I was matching it for fun on challenges (noticing more rp) and with the free S xmas event (most of my rerolls had a 3 card group S and my main got two+chen who I didnt have before).

Out of all my updates, this is the one I am most shaky one, I feel a need to share bc it has worked for me most of the time (not the normal packs though). Please try, I will also be collecting data as well to confirm if it dumb luck or the outlines have meaning. It is a rhythm, luck based game, it could very well be real :/.


WicDiv speculation here:

Since Inanna’s big reveal that the shooters were fans I’m wondering if the reason they wore balaclavas wasn’t to make them look sinister, it was to disguise the fact that they were people we’ve met/are going to meet. One of them had blue eyes and I don’t have any theories about him, but my number one suspect for the other guy is Mr “This Generation Doesn’t Deserve Ragnarok” - look at the shape of his eyebrows. Maybe he wanted to stop the Recurrence because he didn’t think this generation was worthy? Gods getting caught up in the machinations of humans rather than the other way round would be an interesting twist.

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I can see Hannibal having sex with Will and it being a genuine emotional affair. Let's face it, one of the only reasons he really had a relationship with Alana was to get back at Will. Hannibal does not have normal emotions, sex is not an act that would disgust him and using it to manipulate people, I would be surprised if he didn't do it. He is been described as a womaniser, and I can see him having affair's to maintain an air of normality.

Whoa, when has he ever been described as a womanizer? Lecter enjoys sex and he’s very popular with women in just about every incarnation. But I would never call him a womanizer.

Hannibal had reasons to be with Alana, taunting Will was one of them, but he also liked her and enjoyed her company. He thought she was an interesting and beautiful woman. 

Hannibal Lecter is not a liar. Everything he does has elements of truth to it. That’s what makes his manipulations work so well. Because he believes it on some level.

Gatiss likes to quote a moment in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes story “The Yellow Face”: “Nothing’s happening in the case, and Holmes is moping. Watson eventually persuades him to come out of the house for a walk. And he writes, ‘We rambled about together, in silence for the most part, as befits two men who know each other intimately.’ I’ve never forgotten that.”

I’m rewatching scenes from last night’s episode and it’s weird to see Snow-Charming Regina-Henry (Emma-Henry) and Elsa-Anna hugging, an Regina and Emma just standing there….

Expecially considering how Regina is looking at Emma…



It’s like it was made on purpose to save the hug for a bigger moment later in the season (last ep)? We’ll see…

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"It’s dark and then it gets weird." - Scott Gimple, referring to 5b.

"It’s the episode I’ve always wanted to make." - Andy Lincoln, about episode 10.

"Episode 10." - Norman Reedus, when asked about his favorite episode in season 5.

What is gonna happen, guys? I do not like to give false hope, but…something weird is going on.

Captain America: Civil War - A Guide to Preparing for May, 2016

***To warn that there are major S P O I L E R S in this post goes without saying***

In light of the recent news that Captain America: Civil War will be filming under the pseudo-title, “Sputnik”, the Stucky fandom has once again gotten into a bit of an uproar about the third Cap film – namely, wondering if the working title is somehow indicative of events that will take place in the film.

For those who may not know what exactly “Sputnik” is, or its relevance, the answer is basically that it’s a one-time verbal ‘shutdown-code’ for the Winter Soldier. In the comics, as seen here, Red Skull uses it on Bucky when Bucky’s confronting him and Crossbones.

What this essentially means is that everyone’s wondering if this will come into play somehow in the third film, why it would be used, and what it’d mean for Bucky’s character. Keep in mind that any and all speculation being made in the fandom right now is purely that: speculation. Even this post, in the grand scheme of things, has little merit, simply because I don’t work for Marvel. Only Marvel knows what exactly is going to happen, and we all know how much they just love to be secretive. For all we know, they could throw us a plot twist completely out of left field, and it’d be the last thing we expect. Maybe no one dies. Maybe Tony dies. Maybe all of the other Avengers have 0.5 second cameos, where they randomly dance in the background throughout the movie wearing an assortment of funny hats.

(Although, if we’re being honest here, everything seems to be pointing somehow towards the death of Steve Rogers, but I can hold out hope that they won’t go that route, and I’ll get to that.)

Anyways, the point is, all we can do is look at what’s in the comics and what information we’ve been given thus far regarding the film, and come up with what seems to be the more likely of scenarios. And to be able to fully prepare yourself, basic knowledge of what exactly Civil War meant in the comics is fundamentally useful. So we’ll start there.


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[Speculation - Spoilers??]

What if The Flash’s version of the character Martin Stein is also Felicity’s father?
If you read the character description below, it kind of fit the profile and will keep Felicity’s character within the Firestorm Universe. [As I mention this is pure speculation…]

Character description:
“As one half of the Firestorm entity in the DC Comics universe, MARTIN STEIN is described as a brilliant but arrogant nuclear physicist who has SACRIFIED EVERYTHING, INCLUDING A MARRIAGE, for his work in transmutation”. [Variety.com]

One last thing: Coincidentally, Martin Stein is also Jewish

Martin Stein (Victor Garber) will first appear in episode 112 of The Flash

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That promo got me thinking about Dean and Cas (which is 99% of my life anyway) and specifically about how Cas was the one in 10x03 who kept reminding everyone that they might have to kill Dean.

And, honestly?  Even with Dean specifically asking him to- or maybe I think this because Dean specifically asked him to- I don’t think that Cas can do it.

I don’t know if this theory will be tested at all.  But think about 9x22, when Dean killed Tessa was was basically just a hair’s breadth away from snapping completely, and Cas was faced with losing his entire following of angel.  Even with all of that, Cas couldn’t bring himself to hurt Dean.  He lost almost everything he’d been building to try and save his angelic family, and he saw just how far off the reservation Dean had gotten by the time they got back to the bunker and Dean attacked Gadreel.  And yet, killing or even hurting Dean wasn’t even an option.

Granted, the situation is a little different now.  In this case, Dean is asking Cas to do this if Dean goes full darkside again (which, wow Dean, do you really hate yourself that much? because this is like season 7 levels of suicidal thoughts).  It’s also not a case of Cas choosing between Dean and Heaven; this time around it’s just Dean, and whether or not he can be saved.

But the thing is, you don’t put a line like that in there unless you’re going to challenge it.  Dean asking for Cas to kill him if he goes darkside from a structural point of view is meant to challenge Cas’ ability to actually do so, the same way that John asking Dean to kill Sam all the way back in season 2 was meant to show us the lengths to which Dean is unable to do so.  So while the request itself doesn’t tell us how the situation will be resolved, it does force Cas to face his own unwillingness to hurt Dean, and to figure out if there is ever a time where he sees Dean as beyond saving.

At this point, it would be a little silly not to mention Cain.  Because the reason that Cain was able to stop killing wasn’t because he was cured, it was because he found someone who was able to see the good in him even through all the blood and darkness.  He may have been fully on the dark side of the force at that point, yet Colette was able to see past that to the man who had just wanted to save his brother.  The good man underneath the darkness.  Someone who deserved to be saved.

I’m just saying.  When push comes to shove, does anyone actually believe that Cas will look at Dean and see nothing but darkness?

Azoff Loophole?

Disclaimer: this is all just my theory and could very well be wrong, but I found a few things that seemed interesting and thought I’d share.

So, we know there is a theory (and hope) out there that Irving Azoff may take over the boys’ management in the future. We also know that Azoff has a non-compete in place (many have said until January 2015) so he cannot act as the boys’ management in an official capacity at this time.

So here’s the loophole: Irving Azoff founded a music publishing company called Global Music Rights in 2013. It’s a competitor of ASCAP and BMI. The company was formed to manage the licensing and publishing of songs. 

Harry set up HSA Publishing Limited to manage his songwriting, which according to opencompany.co.uk was registered on February 25, 2014. This was coincidentally right before the highly publicized lunch that Harry had with the Azoffs on March 12.

So the theory here is that Harry could be able to work with Azoff now in the song publishing management rather than artist management capacity. We know he’s in LA a lot, and if he is there writing music it’s possible he could be working directly with Azoff during those times. This could serve to allow Azoff to indirectly influence Harry’s (and 1Ds) business decisions in other arenas without violating the non-compete.

This may also be why we’ve publicly been allowed to see Harry with the Azoffs so much but not the Azoffs with the other boys as this way it appears that the meetups are about Harry’s songwriting and not about artist management.

Just a theory….

Okay people, time to polish my tin hat again for some Azoff talk.

I firmly believe that Marco Morini, head of Team World, has an exclusive contract with Modest that includes exclusive access, events, concerts, and ticket sales. Whatever the boys do in Italy, Morini plans and manages the events, and no one has that kind of access - or any kind of access at all - to the boys. I’d say that I’m about 90% sure about that. Keep this in mind.

That being Today Marco Morini, head of Team World, replied to a fan, on Twitter, who had asked him if the rumors according to which the boys would come back to Italy for five tour dates was true. He said: “At the current state of things, we are not planning to add dates in Italy for the OTRA tour 2015.”

Then, to another fan that had asked him, “But… do you hate us now?” he replied

Let’s just say that, with yesterday[’s event], a cycle was over. Everything in its own time. :*

These tweets, obviously, made me think. If he really does have an exclusive contract (looks like so) with M!M, is it possible that they can’t plan new tour dates because there is going to be a management takeover and he has no contracts with the new team yet?

Two possibilities that I can think of:

  • He’s a lying. I don’t trust him and I don’t trust his company; I wouldn’t be surprised if he was lying and then an announcement came on Dec 18 or later.
  • My hyphotesis on the contracts is right, and at the “current state of things” he doesn’t have a contract with the new management team, hence why they can’t plan new tour dates in Italy.

The second reply in particular made me raise an eyebrow. A cycle is over? 

Let’s see what happens in the next days. Please keep in mind that this is all speculation and that I may be wrong. I don’t like him or his team, and he first possibility - him lying for some reason - is plausible. Still, he’s being cryptic. A cycle is over.

Azoff/Sony vs Modest - speculation only

Just putting this out here, IS THERE a teeny tiny possibility that Modest leaves before January and there is a deal on who takes how much % of the sales IF they leave RIGHT NOW or already left? (loopholes, deals, business is dirty, forget about the non-compe for a second, because Azoff also signed No Doubt while under a non-compete.) Also, Modest can still own them, but play the rules of Azoff in a deal.

What if they leave right after the album release but have a deal with the sales? Which would still make the post album-release coming out possible in 2014 and Modest would get their freaking money that apparently drives the blood in their veins.

So then Azoff’s/Sony and the boys agreed to do this interview to keep all fans on board (we sure as hell stay) to buy the album but other than that the decisions come from Sony/Azoff? (meaning seeding, articles, quotes, no interviews cut). And Sony supports them too. Do we really think if Simon (=Sony/Syco) did not support Harry and Louis he would let Louis wear that rainbow Apple logo T-shirt in his own show?

This live stream was reeking of Modest’s goodbye yesterday.

One Direction felt so lucky to work with us, we are happy to sign you too, we gave them freedom in what to wear and we let them make their own decisions, even if some were stupid. We never restricted them, we let them have girlfriends, even knowing that boybanders are more attractive when they are single. We let them choose which singles and songs can make the albums, we are not even here to make the decisions, IT IS ALL THE BOYS. You see? We are great. WE MADE THEM THE BIGGEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD. It was all us. Yes, we are happy to sign you too, just place your signature on the bottom of the page, thank you!


I cannot wrap my head around why clear their names NOW if they stay till January.

  • Where was Modest when the Oct 29th interviews could have been cut?

  • Where was Modest when the articles about Harry’s sexuality emerged and they could have stopped it? (they sure were available when the Elounor break up has to have been denied at 4 AM as well as continuously blacklisting and controlling any news connecting Louis to Harry in the media?)

  • Where was Modest when Louis wore the Apple logo T-shirt supporting Tim Cook? They DID OWN his image rights when they fucked up his Rovers deal.


We say they are losing their control in the press and the only times THEY ARE IN CONTROL IS IF THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PAWN DO A AN INTERROGATION LIVESTREAM WITH THE BOYS.


This is what we have now:

  • a million signs (going way back to August or even earlier) making us believe there is a coming out very soon VERSUS
  • 1 interview from Modest to clear their name and have a clean state.


See the difference? Am I not seeing something? Am I “deluded”?

Ask Jeeves and demon!Dean

"This isn’t even the real you I’m talking to"

(“Oh it’s the real me alright”)

"Welcome back Dean"

If there were ever any doubt that Dean’s “cure” wasn’t the fix it was hoped by Sam to be, this episode should have eliminated it. Right from the outset we’re given a massive hint that we haven’t seen the last of demon!Dean. The “Then” sections of each episode are always very telling and for me, the way this was edited was in such a way to draw attention to the fact that Dean isn’t really Dean still. Because when Sam says “Welcome back”, it’s not his brother he’s talking to, not truly. Not that what we’ve been seeing in Dean post-Soul Survivor has been a charade but rather Dean has not been “freed” from his demonic darker nature. It’s still there, it’s locked away, and it’s simply waiting for the key to be found to unlock its cage.

Then there’s the Knight’s Armour scene. I’m sure this has been talked about at great length already but I have to talk a bit about it too because gosh. With just last episode Dean explicitly stating that he became a Knight of Hell, it’s just damn perfect that he and we be confronted with this visual. That he peer into the darkness within and we see it from the perspective almost of peering back, strongly suggestive of his own darkness that remains within him. He knows it’s there but he can’t quite face it, he fears it, and the closing of the helmet quickly I feel is symbolic of Dean’s attempting to shut out that reality of himself. And Sam and Dean’s conversation, or lack thereof, at the end of the episode is a continuation of that. Dean doesn’t want to face that aspect of himself yet, he shuts down, he blares the music just as he did in Captives to “drown out” Sam’s attempt to discuss what he saw in Dean when violently killing Olivia. But, notably back in the Knight scene, when Dean has closed the helmet, has created that barrier between himself and the darkness within, the Knight still looms ominously in the background. 

And then lastly, Olivia. A mirror for Dean and demon!Dean and one that actually makes me feel sad about the emotional path Dean has ahead of him. Because Olivia was locked away, and after a lifetime of living isolated from the life she could have had, she was set free, only to be locked away again. And how cruel that must have been, to have given her a taste of freedom to then take it away from her and expect her to live that caged life again. And that to me is so telling about Dean this season, because he too has lived a life lacking freedom. And just as Olivia was allowed to leave the confines of the attic she was locked away in, Dean was similarly. Because although demon!Dean was a corrupted, twisted version of Dean, he was also one that was unchained, freed from the binds of the responsibilities forced on him by John and of the guilt that he allows to define him. And also just as with Olivia, who was locked away again because she was considered a danger to both herself and others, demon!Dean was effectively locked away into the “attic” of Dean’s mind. And so when Olivia tells Sam that it would have been kinder to have killed her, then perhaps we’re being given some insight into Dean’s/demon!Dean’s emotional state of mind the further we progress into the season…

So yes, the way I read this episode, we definitely haven’t seen the last of demon!Dean and it’s going to hurt. Everyone.