also ok like korra’s gonna go back to the south pole for a few weeks and then we’re gonna get an emotional haircutting scene like we did with zuko and iroh and then she’s gonna travel back to republic city and jinora’s hair will also be a little grown out and everyone’s gonna look adorable 

What I Want pt. 2
  • (radio beeps)
  • Wash:(panting from exertion) Armonia? Hello? We've eliminated the space pirate force and disabled a radio jammer, and we need to talk to anyone who's there! HELLO?
  • (silence)
  • Wash:You've been betrayed by your mercenaries! They set this whole thing up so that your two groups would destroy each other and everyone would die. You don't have to worry about them anymore! But you do need to STOP FIGHTING IMMEDIATELY...HELLO?!
  • (silence)
  • Doyle:Hello, Agent Washington. Sorry for the delay...
  • Kimball:We've just been working out a peace treaty. We realized we're all tired of fighting, and that further loss of life won't get either of us closer to what we want.
  • Wash:...
  • Wash:...

anonymous said:

Anastacia (Red Queen) is one of the two Cinderella step sisters, so there should be only one more left, right?

That’s right. It’s Cinderella, Anastasia and Drizella. The casting call is for a blonde while Drizella was a brunette in the movie… but Anastasia was a redhead in the movie and blonde in the show so that’s not a dealbreaker.

Counting in three sisters at a ball, and the fact that Will Scarlet is coming on to the show and he’s Ana’s true love… it seems likely that the casting call might be for Drizella and we’ll get a flashback of the three sisters (probably tying in to why Will is here in Storybrooke).

I would love for Ana to be in present-day Storybrooke, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case. A flashback at least seems reasonable, though!

Red vs Blue Season 12 conclusion wild plot twist idea...

This is just something that occurred to me…

The Reds and Blues manage to thwart control, saving at least some of the survivors of Chorus and ending (or at least putting a long term truce) to the war.

Afterwards, they happen to be following Grey when she decides to go check on ‘the sleepers’.  Turns out Chorus was the location of one of the first encounters with The Covenant invaders, and the USNC troops that were there were wiped out.  The survivors put their wounded, including some that were effectively mortally wounded, into the pods on a sleeper ship, in hopes that maybe one day at least some might get miracle level medical attention.  But the ship was not spaceworthy, and events on Chorus kept any real help from ever coming.

Grey, along with a few of her fellow doctors, had been going through the sleepers, and giving some medical attention, but they didn’t have the resources to do a full scale revival, and they normally put their patients back in deep sleep.

Grey is telling the Reds and Blues this as they are going through a section full of ones that she thinks that she managed to save the lives of, but wasn’t ready to pull out of deep sleep when suddenly Carolina freezes.

Epsi-Church is all “Hey, what’s up, Carolina, you act like you’ve seen a…. Fuuuu…..” as he looks at the pod in question.

The pod is marked: Corporal Church, Allison

(Note, NOT Tex, but the original, who will almost certainly have some very distinct personality differences…)

justanotheridijiton replied to your post:Just FYI but Singer confirmed Castiel/Hannah is going to happen, so once again you were wrong about what we all shouldn’t be worried about. If you can’t see Heteronatural with huge blinding lights being shoved into our faces, I don’t know what to tell you. But continuing to tell people that Destiel is happening is just getting people hopeful for another let down.

Nonny needs to stop screeching and finish watching the sneak peek, methinks. Also, take w/usual GOS, but Hannah is only listed under 10x1 but the cast lists look complete through 10x5.

I’ve not paid attention to any cast lists, so thanks for the info.  This would be on IMBD then?  For Hannah, Singer made it sound like her role is bigger than it actually is then, which isn’t surprising per se, just the usual smoke and mirrors.  I mean… we didn’t even see Rowena in the preview and she was a major role they cast for the season.  Right now, any upset over the preview (not just the function Hannah will serve to Cas’ “B” plot) just feels like everyone trying to make a picture with only a fraction of the pieces.  It’s impossible.  So… business as usual?

Ever since sleepsintheimpala's brilliant meta on demon!Dean's fight with potentially a human mirror of himself in the promo, in which he see him throw the outmatched man onto a car before laying punches into him (read it here!), I haven’t been able to get out of my mind a true!Dean versus demon!Dean scenario much like what happened in Superman III and I need to talk about this some more.

I had speculated that a possible additional interpretation to the brief shot of the scene could be a potential foreshadowing of an internal fight within Dean that has arisen from the tension of corruption of his true self. To quote:

…Here we have demon!Dean attacking someone who as you brilliantly point out is very reminiscent of human Dean (and the hypermasculine hunter persona he would often try to embrace), a literal fight to hint at a more figurative one we’ll get throughout this season. Because right now, just as this man is grossly outmatched by demon!Dean, Dean’s shrapnel of humanity  is grossly outmatched by the demonic the mark has created; his own humanity doesn’t stand a chance and its being crushed under the weight of his darkness…

Now, Superman III… is not a great film, but generally the scene that takes place in the junkyard and the theme it embodies is seen as what the movie should have focused more on. Superman, having been corrupted by manufactured kryptonite, has been twisted into someone who exemplifies everything the true Superman is not. At first we see signs that he himself is starting to recognise that something in him is very wrong, but eventually it infects him entirely, and he is without care, ignoring the responsibility of saving people he had once prioritised above all else, and becoming rather libidinous too… Sound familiar in the Supernatural ‘verse?

Anyway, eventually this new corruption takes its toll and we see him being weighed down further and further by his new nature



We see him as full of self-loathing and bitterness at what he has become, at how far he has strayed from who he used to be, until a voice from his ‘former life, Lana’s son Ricky, sparks something in him to fight.

Which leads onto the infamous junkyard scene in which fallen!Superman battles against his true self, Clark Kent, a battle between good and evil, righteousness and depravity, life and death.



Of course in the end it is his true self who wins, that his innate goodness overcomes the darkness that had nearly swallowed him whole, but it’s a clever scene (if you can bear in mind the film’s age…) that brilliantly provides a visual to what is the internal.

Back in Season 3, in Dream A Little Dream of Me, we had an explicit reference to this scene by the dream version of Dean:

Dean: Kind of life the Superman III junkyard scene? A little mano y mano with myself?

That’s not to say that that was foreshadowing anything, different showrunners different agendas, but with everything we’ve seen of Dean’s descent storyline, I can’t help but feel as though this is something that Carver has intended to revisit and explore more fully. We have had many visual hints at duality (and I know this is a theme discussed before not only here but also by dustydreamsanddirtyscars, larinah, crossroadscastiel, sleepsintheimpala and others who I forget, I apologise!), very often through the use of mirrors (and don’t the mirror images above seem very similar to those which we saw in Meta Fiction in which Dean, in between sessions of torturing Gadreel, looks at himself in the mirror as though trying to recognise who he has become, wiping away the grime from the glass surface only to see that that cannot remove the taint he sees clearly within himself).

Dean has always jokingly referred to himself as Batman, and yet in #THINMAN we hear the brothers talk about an incident from their childhood in which Dean, as Superman, jumped off a shed, with Sammy following shortly behind:

Dean: …When you were five and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off the shed ‘cause you thought you could fly.

Sam: After you jumped first!

Dean: Hey, I was nine, and I was dressed up like Superman, okay? Everybody knows that Batman can’t fly.

So here, Dean is Superman, who has FALLEN (and isn’t that quite something that Sam fell too immediately after; to me, that’s a pretty big piece of foreshadowing of Sam’s dark path storyline hinted at for Season 10…) and if we consider this linking in the context of the heavy hints at duality, then I think an internal fight between true!Dean and demon!Dean a la the junkyard scene could be a real possibility.

And one final possible link between these two storylines? In the promo, we hear demon!Dean telling Sam rather chillingly “I like the disease.” What is it that Ricky tells his mother Lana when trying to get through to Superman’s true self?

Ricky: Maybe… maybe he’s just sick. Please get better Superman!

Demon!Dean may like the disease now, but when that sickness really starts kicking in, much like with Superman, it may just start killing him and give the true self that’s trapped within a fighting chance to break through, defeat that dark aspect of self, and take control again.

"Don’t be concerned, General. Once I’ve taken care of this issue [Felix], I’ll be back to take care of you."

Plot twist: Locus wasn’t expecting Felix to make a run for it on the ship, and is actually going to stop him. And then he will be back to protect General Doyle, as agreed. He is still getting paid by the Federal Army, after all.

Locus would have killed Doyle then and there if he were planning to kill him and make a run for it with Felix. There would be no reason for him to come back and “take care” of Doyle, it’d be a risk and a waste of time.

I think Felix is currently in the process of making a break for it and leaving Locus behind to take the fall. And I think Locus is very interested in stopping him.

savetheteaboy said:

Wait, when did Robert Singer allegedly confirm Cas/Hannah is going to happen? O_o I think that, you know, would have been all over tumblr were that the case.. and besides, they wouldn't give any definite confirmation for or against anything in the upcoming season, correct?

As defilerwyrm points out, Robert Singer said no such thing on the season X preview.  He teased one-sided Cas/Hannah basically, if that.  That’s always ever what PR does: tease.  This fandom will never learn tho.  As you’ve said, no television show gives away its plot like that anyway.

I know there’s been discussion on the significance of the song choice here, but for me, what caught my attention particularly about this image is the lyrics on display in the background. The part that is highlighted for us here is not the full “Imaginary lover” but “Imaginary love” and isn’t that just heartbreaking and so relevant to Dean? Because what is so vitally important to Dean is that he love and be loved equally in return and yet so much has happened in his life, in his relationships, that feeds his insecurity, which in turns denies him of any acceptance that others in his life do value him, do love him. For Dean, the love he yearns for is something he can only imagine…


sara-sarai replied to your post:Wait, when did Robert Singer allegedly confirm Cas/Hannah is going to happen? O_o I think that, you know, would have been all over tumblr were that the case.. and besides, they wouldn’t give any definite confirmation for or against anything in the upcoming season, correct?

I’m not sure it’s fair to simply cast it off as only one sided. It’s how they begin a general conversation about the pair going through an experience. It COULD be one-sided, but it could really be anything.

I’m not really “casting it off” per se, so let me put it this way: Robert Singer most definitely did not tease mutual attraction (tired!Cas reaction shots were used for Hannah’s looks and oblivious!Cas ones too) in the promo (which only means just that and as normal, I wouldn’t say is indicative of showrunning).  The focus was very much on Hannah’s side of things (decidedly not on Cas’) when it could have been on both.  Since I’m prepared for the storyline to go either way (but am obviously leaning towards the one-sided spec) it doesn’t really matter either way to me.   

thiefqueeen said:

I think the premiere is going to kill us.... Did you see the look on his face??? :(

So here’s what I’m guessing is going on here:

Emma follows Regina outside,

and Regina is like “Just leave me alone. He’s choosing his wife, obviously. I think you’ve done enough.”

And then Robin follows her outside, and Marian and Roland come after him, and Emma knows what’s coming.

And lovely, honorable Robin is going to defend her from “The Evil Queen!?”

Hold onto her so she doesn’t run away, explain that she’s different now, that she’s a mother and a good person and they’ve been together.

He’s going to defend her and hold onto her and she’s going to be thankful in spite of herself because she doesn’t think she deserves to be defended, and then Marian’s going to explain who killed her, and Robin’s going to hesitate and back away “You killed her?” and Regina will know she doesn’t.

And that’s when the real pain begins.

anonymous said:

We know from A&E that Snowing will be supportive of the CS relationship but how do you think they'll find out about it?

Nothing stays a secret for long in Storybrooke so I don’t think it’ll be too hard for the Charming’s to put two and two together when it comes to CS.