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So, a lot of people think that the Delancey brothers were once newsies, before they had the muscle and stature to be 'peacekeepers.' Is this true? And if it is, what were they like when they were newsies?

Blink: What piece are they keeping? Let us know, and we’ll get it back for you. Hey, Jack!

Jack: Mr. Kelly ain’t taking calls.

Blink: Them no-good Delanceys is keeping pieces now. Can you believe that?

Jack: Pieces of what? And by the way, I still ain’t in. I’m just taking a message.

Blink: Then why ain’t you writing it down?

Jack: It’s called photographic memory, Blink. I don’t have one.

Blink: Tell Jack we oughta wipe the floor with the Delanceys. Tell him to check his calendar. As soon as he’s free, we’re going on the warpath. Is he up for it?

Jack: I only respond to engraved invitations.

Blink: Which is why I carry a pocketknife. I’ll engrave the invitation right here, in the wall of the lodging house. Your name is spelled J-A-K, right?

Jack: No, it’s S-P-E-C-

Specs: What did I ever do to you, Jack?

Jack: You’re going down in history, Specs. You’re getting written up on the wall of fame.

Specs: Wall of fame? That changes everything.

Jack: It should.

Specs: Should I make a speech?

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An argument for Specs as the best character, as requested by a Nonny.

God bless Specs, the only newsie who ever does a damn thing.

Racer, Smalls, and Albert to follow. Still accepting requests. 


but why hasn’t anyone talked about this…?


wilson desperately needs glasses, but he refuses to wear them. he claims it’s because of how badly they alter his depth perception, which is technically true, but it’s more because he thinks they make him look like a dork, which is technically even truer. this is the main reason why wilson squints and has his brows drawn in a grimace so often. he isn’t in a perpetual bad mood like people think, he’s just blind.