Clumsy - but very cute - baby birds!

These three chicks are now orphans because the tree where their nest was fell down. Luckily, they were picked up and brought in to us.

What species of bird do you think they are?

They are magpies!

ALIEN SPECIES SHIT YES i’ll do a legit sheet forth is yes.

General statue:
-Average statue, Petite, Strong, Royals. (generally fuckin huge.)
-Can have 2-6 arms.
-Head can produce 2-10 coils of ‘hair’ tails.
-Can have tails, which can differ depending on dwelling.
(Also may not have a tail at all, 'dwarf species’)
-Gender/Sex only really differ in appearence.
-Stand on bird like, clawed feet (land) webbed bird shaped feet (sea/river).
-Colour variations/pattern variations:
-Very Rare.
-Can be land OR seadwelling (may have gills.).


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