AKASHI Headcanons (Birthday + Relationship + Other)

Happy Birthday, Akashi! 12.20


Sad Birthday:

  • Akashi actually gets quite upset around his birthday because memories of his mother celebrating happily alongside him always come flooding back. (He obviously keeps this a secret).
  • He’s not fond of celebrating it in nearly any way, but he appreciates all of the birthday wishes and gifts he receives. 
  • Because of his previous birthday memories, Akashi gets extremely distant towards his partner (and others) during the day, but then becomes extremely clingy during the night. He tries to keep himself calm and composed during the day, but his emotions break through by the time the sun sets.
  • I’m sorry these are so fucking sad wow I feel like him and his significant other would take a warm bath together and they would just hold Akashi for the longest time in a comfortable silence.
  • His partner would then attempt to cheer Akashi up after all the quiet time with some silly Disney movies and a bunch of chocolates.
  • He hardly cracks a smile at first, but then his partner will show him stupid stuff on the internet that would make even Akashi want to stifle a small laugh after a while. (Everyone would laugh if it’s 2 in the fucking morning don’t you deny it).
  • Akashi’s probably crying with laughter by the time his significant other is done with him can you please just imagine that.


  • Akashi loves to kiss his partner’s eyelids or temple. He’s forever covering those areas with little, feathery kisses.
  • There’s nothing Akashi loves more that having his significant other fall asleep on him. It gives him a sense of security as if they were his favorite teddy bear or blankie. Akashi’s protectiveness also skyrockets whenever this occurs.
  • He can never keep his hands still whenever he’s holding hands with his lover. Akashi tends to stroke, squeeze, or even kiss their hands constantly.
  • Akashi is a pretty huge cuddling-at-night nerd. As long as he has his arms wrapped around his partner’s figure, he’s totally content.
  • He despises whenever people tough his hair, but his significant other tends to tangle their fingers in his hair while he’s sleeping. Though Akashi’s sleeping, he can feel it, but because he’s already fast asleep, he’s not too sure what the feeling is. All he knows is that he loves it. 
  • Akashi’s kisses are really slow and deep. He loves embracing his partner’s warm presence, so he likes to kiss them for quite some time. Akashi’s lips are probably really soft sweet jesus.


  • Akashi probably drinks the blackest coffee in the entire world I feel it.
  • Jesus christ his bed hair please look at this picture.
  • Akashi’s hands are always really soft and warm. It could be snowing outside and he’d still have hands that are as warm as a heater.
  • Akashi needs reading glasses please imagine that yes.