As a peer counselor, I never really expect much in return. I joined this space for the experiences and challenges SPEAR has to offer as well as the knowledge I can gain from each and every one of my students and the people I work with day to day. Today I have received these 3 wonderful gifts from 3 very different students. They may seem trivial to some, but these precious items represent the friendships I’ve formed and the lives I’ve been able to be a part of along the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet and learn from so many inspirational people every day and to have such thoughtful people in my life. 🙏 #blessed #thelittlethings #PIEcupcake #kettlecorn #music #SPEARlyfe #duetoFERPAicantreleasethenameofmystudentontheCD (at UCLA Student Activities Center (SAC))

APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Blessed with an awesome Mentor @ohrisa and family members my first year! Shout out to my Egglawlz Fams @reypaolo13 @sabinosaur @mquintos @spaceape123 @milusab and everyone else! Reunion soon please! My Mentee Diane and Space Jam Fams (too many to tag but you know who you are) and my 2nd Mentee @chehsu and Samasaurus Family! And I am also so fortunate to have an amazing and supportive line @rjumaoas #thebestphokingDERPline !Meeting all these wonderful and beautiful people has really been a treasured experience for me during my time here at UCLA! Apply by November 3rd! http://tinyurl.com/OSA-Apps-2014-15 #OSAMentorship #Egglawlz ✊ #SpaceJamFam 🏀 #Samasaurus 🐲 #SPEARlyfe

Cheers to two of the best years of my college career! All thanks to the beautiful people I have been blessed to share them with! SPEAR and SPACE apps are due TOMORROW in the SPEAR Cubicle at 5PM SHARP!!! Don’t miss such an amazing opportunity to serve our community! #tbt #SPEARlyfe #1213 #1314