My class motto submission was chosen for the class of 2017 at my university. I get to give a speech to the entire incoming freshman class and all the faculty at the end of August, one day before school starts. I’m nervous and I hate speaking in public (I get nervous just speaking in front of a classroom, this is 100x the number of people), but I’m trying to prepare as best as possible. This is the first draft of my speech, that I wrote while waiting for my class to start. So you don’t have to decipher my almost illegible text, here it is:

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination" - Henry David Thoreau

Maybe Graffiti is the right way to go? I’m not condoning vandalism, but to those who create art on cement, the world is a canvas. Blank walls become murals, white empty spaces become colorful paintings full of emotion. To the passerby, they are a moment of entertainment, of attention, of recognition. These paintings and drawings and doodles scream, “Look at me. I am putting myself, my inner most secretive self and mind, out for others to see, for others to know that they are not alone.” Make art, use your mind in creative, new, integrative ways. You don’t have to be Picasso or Michael Angelo, or Antoni Gaudi. Be yourself and put yourself out there. Whether you draw or paint or write or film; calculate or communicate, know that the world is ready and open for your shot, your mark, your signature in illegible handwriting in the corner. People may hate it, criticize it, devaluate it, extrapolate it, but these people only do so because they were never brave enough to do with the world what they wanted. People could love it, and people could never see it. As long as you made the effort to make your mark on the world, to leave a handprint, you are doing the world a favor. You are doing yourself a favor. 

Tuesday - June 11, 2013 - 9:15 AM