Link Round Up: April 27 - May 3

Link Round Up: April 27 – May 3


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The Lesbian Review posted Top 10 Lesbian Book Beginnings.


Alison Bechdel‘s musical adaptation of Fun Homewas reviewed at

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Writing about girls is something I’ve had to defend over the course of my career. I’ve been told by prospective readers that they’re interested in my work but the only thing holding them back from picking it up is my choice of main character; they think they’re just not going to be able to relate to a female protagonist because she is female. Whatever I choose to write about, whether it be sexual violence, girl-bullying or depression—I will invariably run across comments that reduce the very real struggles girls go through in every possible way. Girls are drama queens, girls have petty catfights, girls in crisis are attention-seeking and on and on. This is what I’m writing against when I write girl stories. But I’ve been fortunate to hear from girl readers who have seen themselves in my books, who have felt less alone because of that, and many who have been inspired to write their own stories—and that’s what I’m writing for. Girls’ stories matter because girls matter.

Book Balance Challenge!

One… Two… FIVE! 

I challenge bookmad artbookslife river-books mychemicalbooks & tilly-and-her-books! Best of luck, darlings!



Sooooo you’ve read the Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus series and are looking for more YA books about Greek myths? Well here ya go! Above are just a handful of fictional YA books that inventively retell ancient greece & greek myths. Some are middle grade, some are YA, and one is a steamy adult romance series. So a little bit of everything!

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Started packing up my books to take them home this weekend. Wahh

I’m still leaving a few paperbacks for finals week, but my dorm room is going to feel so sparse!! 

honestly i don’t understand why isn’t half of tumblr obsessed with the wicked and the divine?? 

seriously though

mythology? checked, it’s literally about gods

poc? yep, including the main character

queer characters that aren’t cis white men? yes, including again the main character and basically everyone else tbh

+ hella pretty art and pop culture references

As queer people, as queer people of color, as women, as queer women of color, Erica’s story is resounding. These are all of our stories. This is a book for anyone who has been told they were broken, or not worthy, or that their destinies had been decided by our ancestors or our culture’s myths about who they were. This is a book for anyone who has ever wished, from the bottom of their hearts, that things could be different or that our demons would finally leave us. This is a book is for anyone who has ever looked at their mother and seen a paragon of strength. This book is for anyone who has recognized that their love is an act of protest. This is for anyone who was told they weren’t beautiful, or that their histories meant nothing, and pushed on anyway.