but u dont underSTAND

when Naruto was 13, and he could be honest about his fears and insecurities only with Iruka, and would still yell how strong he is in front of enyone else for many chapters more, acting insulted when they don’t belive him, or don’t cheer for him, or don’t give him a chance,

when he meets Hinata on training field before Neji’s fight, and she thanks him for cheering her on and giving her strength, he basiacally says to her, Hinata, to be honest, I am not strong at all, I am failing all the time, and I am full of insecurities, and if you, for real, think those nice things about me, don’t

He drops his i’m the best!! act so fast, I’m never going to stop being stunned about it - Naruto at 13 felt safe to be weak in front of Hinata. He’s serious and honest with her and just puts his core right there in the open - i’m just acting tough, I feel weak, I am frustrated about my constant failrues! And he does that, because he thought she was cool in fight with Neji. He thought she won the fight if not the match, and he didnt want her to lessen her strength by pinning it only on his loud mouth. And also, he’s scared about losing Neji now and thus dissapointing Hinata. AND DOESNT IT JUST CRUSH YOUR SOUL?

And then she says to him, No, all this time, it’s not your failures I saw, but you standing back up, and it’s exactly why I think you ARE very strong

And it’s not only one of the biggest prises Naruto got at this point of the manga, it’s that moment when other person sees him. Naruto is not only elated to be called strong, and to be honestly belived in, he probably realises that all those times Hinata was quaet and weird and nice to him, all those times she knew he had insecurities and failed all the time and was frustrated with himself - and she never laughed or ridiculed him for that, but honestly thought him strong.

Contrary to popular belief, terrorists do not attack western countries only. They also attack Arab countries, because terrorists do not care if you’re a muslim or not, if you speack English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese or whatever, they are fanatics that have no religion and that should not be considered human beings. 

Today in Tunisia, 4 terrorists attacked innocent people at the Bardo museum in Tunis, our capital. A little note here that Bardo museum is the equivalent of The Louvre, but in Tunisia. Smaller, and not as rich in content sure, but just as important to us Tunisians. 

100 people were hold hostages, 19 were killed and 24 others were injured. 19 people were killed; 17 non-Tunisian tourists and 2 natives. So far, I haven’t heard anyone but very few foreign channels talk about this incident. Sure, Tunisia isn’t a huge country, but I thought terrorism was an international enemy, and that we were supposed to talk about it publicly each time it strikes to show just how cruel these animal were.

Everyone talked about the events of Charlie Hebo in France, and the hostages in that coffee shop in Sydney, so why are they ignoring this incident? A bomb went off inside a museum, 19 people died and 24 are still being treated in emergency rooms, so how is this less important of an attack?

But do you know what is the worst part of this? Tunisia is a country whose economy depends largely on tourism. And what happens when 7 tourists get killed and dozens more get held hostages for hours straight? Tourists do not come anymore and that’s really a shame because just yersterday, I’ve been to a place in Tunisia that I didn’t even know existed before and it is of such natural beauty that I could do nothing but stare in amazement for hours.

Terrorism has no nationality and no religion, so let’s please stop trying to give it one.

Greetings all. 

Quick reminder, I try my best to be non-offensive, and to keep this blog safe and uninsulting. That said, please please please tell me if have offended, triggered, etc. you by anything I posted. I do post my own opinions on this blog, and not all of you will agree with them. If you ever disagree with something I say, please contact me and explain your opinion. My opinion may very well be incorrect, and I’m always willing to learn about someone else’s opinion. I may disagree with you, but I will do so in a civil tone. 

That said, stay strong my lovelies! 


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Does youngji know how to speak/write Chinese? How does Weibo work? it seems that everything is in Chinese.

Well, weibo is a chinese web os It’s all in chinese. I’m not sure if Youngji speack chinese, I know she can speak korean (of course) and basic Japanese and english but maybe these days she has been training her chinese for be able to chat with her chinese fans. Or she can use the translator(?) or her unnies/staff help her, there are some posibilities, but it’s not official that she can speak that language ^^

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diferent anon BUT do you remeber that anon that said that you needed to came down off your high horse. Well you really need to trashing other people bc they don't speak a proper English THIS is rude. Can you speack other language? if you do you know how hard it is. So yeah you really need to wake up bro.

I know how hard it is. But how am I supposed to know that English isn’t their first language when they came behind anon trying to insult me?

Hamlet: Why, look you there! Look how it steals away!
My father, in his habit as he lived!
Look where he goes, even now, out at the portal!
[Exit the Ghost]

Queen: These is the very coniage of your brain.
This bodiless creato ecstasy
Is very cunning in.

Hamlet: My pulse as yours doth temperately keep time
And makes as healthful music.
It is not madness.
That I have uttered. Bring me to the test,
And I the matter will re-word, which madness
Would gambol from. Mother, for love of grace,
Lay not that flattering unction to your soul, That not your trespass but my madness speacks.
It will but Skin and film the ulcerous place
Whiles rank corruption, mining all within,
Infects unseen. Confess yourself to heaven.
Repent what’s past. Avoid what is to come;
And do not spread the compost on the weeds
To make them rankler. Forgive me this my virtue.
For in the fatness of these pursy beg,
Yea, curb and woo for leave to do him good.

Queen: O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

Hamlet: O, throw away the worser part of it,
And live the purer with the other half.
Good night. But go not to my uncle’s bed.
Assume virtue, if you have it not.
That monster custom, who all sense doth eat,
Of habits devil, is angel yet in this,
That to the use of actions fair and good
He likewise gives a frock or livery
That aptly is put on. Refrain tonight,
And that shall lend a kind of easiness
To The next abstinence; the next more easy;
For use almost can change the stamp of nature,
And either master the devil or throw him out
With wondrous potency. Once more, good night.
And when you are desirous to be blest, I’ll blessing beg of you.