"Silent Photo Campaign Against Piracy" (ON GOING PROJECT)

Since piracy has been an issue lately due to the recently uploaded photo of a pirated copy of Jay’s concert DVD, we’ve thought of doing a “mini-project” for Blujays Philippines.

Why was it called “Silent”? As you can see, the uploaded photo is wearing a mask with an “X” mark on it and a slogan. Silent = Piracy is a silent killer of today’s entertainment industry. Which is symbolized by the mask. The “X” mark represents the helplessness of artists who are victims of piracy. 

In here, the slogan’s text is “I’am a BLUJAY. I say NO TO PIRACY. Support JESSICA’s (up to you if you’ll include SANCHEZ) DEBUT ALBUM! Buy ORIGINAL”

From the slogan itself, it already is expressing encouragement to others (may they be a Blujay or not) to support Jay’s debut album by not purchasing pirated copies. Jay is a freshman in the real world of the Music Industry. And since the Philippines has been a playground of thieves stealing crafts in any form of entertainment these days, everybody’s a victim. And for sure, Jessica will soon be one of the victims once she release her debut album.

The main objective here is to compile as much photos as we can gather before Jessica’s debut album release. If you are going to participate, please send your photos on this e-mail: blujays.philippinesftw@gmail.com. With the subject: SPCAP. Once the group have collected enough photos, we will edit it and make a collage to make the photos united. Then maybe 2 weeks or a week before Jay’s debut album release, we will spread it on various social networking sites. For easier tactic, we can use Twitter and Tumblr for quick reblogs and retweets.

It’s just that simple. You may or may not show yourself in the photo. It is up to you. For the slogan, you can compose your own but the keywords are: “No to PIRACY. Support JESSICA SANCHEZ’s DEBUT ALBUM.”

We are open to hear your comments and suggestions below for this project to be better. Please be sure that the comments are relevant and concerns the campaign. :)

PS: Regarding the halted Documentary project we had before, if you are participating to this campaign you may also record yourself a video while writing the slogan or whatnot and send me your videos too. We can use it for the documentary that will be released in the future :)