Man, I’m probably killing it by taking so many breaks, but I’m noticing stuff.

Your vision slowly warps and narrows, I don’t know what the term for it is, but it’s that sort of pinched/tunnel effect.

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I warned you about stairs, bro

Ohey that was quick. It only took me 37 (?) or so levels to reach the ‘end’.

Shadowy face-thing is on the farthest wall, and when you walk down towards it, it comes out at you with these long finger-things.

Towards the end, certain parts of the wall are subtly highlighted, not outright scaring you, but it does make you paranoid and adds to the extreme atmosphere of uneasiness/uncertainty.

It probably randomizes how many levels it takes, whatever noises/illusions it uses and for which flight, and I’m not sure if there are more visual illusions than just those three.

So! I’m going to play it again, or maybe have my dad play it. :3

Okay then, so a few flights later It’s a legitimately human-shaped shadow that you walk right through.


Hot damn.

I’m not exactly getting the full audio experience, my headphones finally gave out and there’s a bunch of shit going on in the livingroom, but there’s these ragged breathing noises that get progressively louder the farther you go.

Dangit I wish I could be recording this, but it’s kind of pointless when the frame rate is so low that it can’t even pick up what I’m seeing, so it would just be a slide-show of a dirty dark staircase with me panicking over the soundtrack.


damn that’s subtle!

You know that thing that your eyes do when you’re staring through the dark, where there are these enveloping waves of shadows that surround your vision and then close around the center

It just did that! It just did that exactly one time, and if you’re not paying attention, IT CAN ACTUALLY STARTLE YOU FOR SOME REASON???? Because it gives you the illusion that you just walked through something, or that maybe some kind of vague shadowy thing was flying towards you (that’s what I thought it was)

but it was just simple light manipulation!

 I want to read the notes that went into this game! I want to see what bits influenced what, what was meant to manipulate the player, etc.

After I get over the willies I’ll probably be playing this game several times, trying to see what sort of tricks they used.

Actually, I might just have my dad play this. Twice the fun!