Amanda Louise Spayd & @ChrisRyniak's "Thimblestump Hollow" is coming!

NEW POST: Building on the previous announcement of Amanda Louise Spayd & @ChrisRyniak having designed a minifigure series titled “Thimblestump Hollow,” we’ve spotted the above teaser for the blind box series which is forthcoming from Cardboard Spaceship. With all pieces digitally sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative, we get treated to a nice back shot of one character in the this new teaser, but the real news is that these should be available this Summer!

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Amanda Louise Spayd Chris Ryniak x Cardboard Spaceship Thimblestump Hollow


By Kristoffer It was at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 where Cardboard Spaceship unveiled their latest toy venture with the Thimblestump Hollow series featuring the original designs by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. The featured images above are totally brand new to us and not the same ones…

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Merhaba! Reblog'ladığın resim ve giflerinden anladığım kadarıyla sende Marvel'ı seviyorsun 😊 Bende Marvel'ı çok seviyorum. En sevdiğin Marvel karakteri hangisi? Bu arada adım Lara.

Evet seviyorum😊 biomun sonuna “ben aslinda spaydırmenim ” yazmıştım yani en sevdiğim marvel karakteri spiderman sonyden marvela geri dönmesine de sevindim şu aralar kaptan amerika da ilgimi çekiyo baya ama her zaman bestim spiderman 😍😍😍 senin en sevdiğin karakter hangisi ?

Amanda Louise Spayd & @ChrisRyniak's "Thimblestump Hollow" arrives in July!

NEW POST: Even though we just updated this previously announcement series titled “Thimblestump Hollow” yesterday (see HERE), we’ve already been treated to a second teaser image — pictured above — for this Amanda Louise Spayd & @ChrisRyniak designed minifigure series. With a total of nine creatures inhabiting within these blind boxes, this release from Cardboard Spaceship can’t come soon enough… Thankfully, July of this year is just around the corner and that’s when these are scheduled to be released!

Here’s something new, a character + vehicle :’D … never again. I don’t do prop sort of things so this was tough but I really like it. Also Spayd here is super old and I’ve never redesigned him. Too perfect. Too pure. Anywho he’s a thug on a bike and likes to rob convenience stores. He likes cop dramas and cinnamon~

I ended up liking the bike so much that I finished it by itself. Also tires boggle my mind and I’m not sure why.


Spyglass Hill

Spyglass Hill is a screamo/alternative band from Reading, Pennsylvania comprised of Douglas Coleman (vocals/guitar), Tyler Spayd (bass), and Christian Ellet (drums). 

For one, let me just admit how excited I am that this style of music is still common place and popular in the “alternative” market. If you’re at any point in your twenties at the moment then I’m sure you remember screamo being a lucrative staple for any indie record label from 1998 until about 2007. But recently it’s been making a major comeback, just like emo and, surprisingly, nu-metal. The guys in Spyglass Hill are very much a part of that classification, and they’ve done a great job of standing out through honing their sound since 2010.

Take for instance two of their newest tracks: “Primordial Soup” and “The World Ends With You.” They both strongly remind me of The Fall of Troy’s first, self-titled album as well as their last one, “In The Unlikely Event,” all at once. The former being more wild, experimental, edgy, and raw while the latter is more controlled, structured, poppy, and brash. 

I always find it interesting when a front-man or woman has the ability to be the rhythm and lead guitarist all while yelling their emotions into the microphone. It’s a talent sought after by any musician starting a band, and Coleman does it well. “Primordial Soup” is a great representation of that exact skill. The guitar riffs are catchy yet rife with hammer ons and pulls offs that Thomas Erak would find impressive. I’m sure he’d also be just as impressed with Coleman’s screams. I know I was. They have a certain power that demands to be listened to; high pitched yells that aren’t over-produced or drowned out in the mix under hundreds of other voices/noises. It’s a creative, artsy amalgamation of fast-paced screamo and structured post-hardcore reminiscent of a mid-2000s Pierce The Veil. The only complaint I would report would be the clean vocals, which are a bit raw and untuned. Yet, this complaint is really also a compliment to this style of music. I’m sure that type of sound is exactly what they were going for, and I commend them on that. They didn’t want to compromise their sound just to make a few more fans that might be disappointed, or even “butt hurt” as some teens would say, by an unwillingness to sound like an over-produced and over auto-tuned digital replication. 

Over all, I highly suggest this band for their pure emotion put into every song. If you’re a fan of The Fall of Troy, (early) Saosin, (early) Pierce The Veil, Red Museum or Coheed & Cambria then you should definitely listen to Spyglass Hill. They’re playing their next show at Webster Hall in New York City with Hail The Sun, Too Close To Touch, and I The Mighty on July 7th, 2015. Below is also a link to their 2014 demo as well as video for their single, “Primordial Soup.” Enjoy.