Good idea or no?

So, I’ve been thinking about putting up a drawing of mine to go along with each part of the story, but first I need to get my tablet’s pen to work again.

The drawings would make the parts come out slower, since I work like, hours and hours on drawings until they’re perfect and I sometimes don’t even finish them.

So, they might even just be sketches on paper, but whoever reads this I guess can decide. Even though it’s like two people or some random 83 year old lady like, “WHY CAN’T I BE YOUNG AGAIN? D8”

Haha, okay. Back to the subject. Would you wanna see that?

Bleh, I don’t know. It’d be soooo much more work and I’d have to wait until like, 2 weeks to do that chizz because I’m almost done with school, but I’ve got a lot of work to do and aldskjfoaienlaksjdf.

By the way, if you’re following my fanfic, I love you. CB