More money, more checks,I’m addicted to fresh! Six pair of kicks is my definition of 12 steps! Kick back in the back, get the phantom to drop, Bass blarin outta my system, thats how i detox! Oh when will he stop? He still pumpin that real sh!t, My flow’s so dumb, my face is numb… ni**a,i dont feel sh!t; Wheres a therapist? Yea I’m outta control!
—  JAY-Z 
They tried to make me go to rehab, yo. Tell my PO that I ain’t trying to let the weed bag go!
You can catch me in the whip pushing the seats back slow; my chicks a vegan, that means she off the meat rack tho!
Look ma I’m eatin ‘cuz when its time to get back dough, I sink my teeth in, and turn around and spit dat flow… They call me beastin’; I MONSTA the booth, so in the cut I leave em bleeding, little swag with some Mrs. Dash I’m seasoned..
I got flavors, I’m major baby, send in the troops. That Johhny Blaza leave ashes in your Timbaland boots; cant fuck wit haters, just mad i got a pocket of loot - I’m chasin’ papers, you’re trying to be a rock in my shoe!
I’m a FATHER, I don’t drink wit kids, these young'ns thinkin’ they hard… I think harder then they think they is! I’m bout as proper as my english iz and hope I did my thing before I die for the things I did.
—  Method Man - Blackout 2