Things that I notice at every re-watch. at the Stormgiants scene when everything first starts to shake and get dangerous, Bilbo sort of backs off and has his hand pressed against Dwalin. not holding, mind you, just kind of fumbling against him. Like, yes I feel you, Bilbo, I really do. If I thought I was about to die I’d start groping Dwalin, too. I mean, if you have to die, die happy at least 

it’s that time again, the time when I’m pissed off when everyone is nodding wisely about ‘greedy Dwarves’ and ‘mad mindless Thorin’, or ‘every twitch Thorin now does is just the gold sickness’, or how Thorin and his blindly loyal company fucked up everything for everyone. While completely ignoring how Bilbo fucked up for selfish reasons as well, or how the Men and Elves didn’t stop to think either, or even about how Elves and Men have a higher track record of fucking up due to greed

I… was wasting time on the khuzdul dictionary, and apparently there is a word for father-lady (adadinh) and mother-man (amadûn) and really, unless this has an obvious meaning I’m overlooking, this is a very very good thing to know

Dwalin was the fattest, happiest and cutest baby Dwarf of them all. Just a tiny ball of giggles and demands to be hugged and the biggest blue eyes and a tendency to chew or suck on anything he likes. never let the threat of getting a hammer to the face convince you otherwise

ok, first the persistent rumors about Charles Dance playing the Master which wouldn’t go away and I’m not sure whether they’re still true or whatever

then somebody pointing out that he’d be Dance!Master and we’d have to call him Dance Master forever

yes well….

while we’re at meta about Dwarves: one of my… pet peeves I’d say, is the unquestioning acceptance of ‘Dwarves are greedy and covet gold and treasure beyond all else’? and how everyone within the LotR universe says that the Dwarves brought all of their tragedies down on themselves for being too greedy and collecting too much gold and digging too deep. I am glad when fandom translates this to Dwarves simply loving their craft and feeling the metal and that they love the craftsmanship and not the actual material. But the ‘oh Dwarves are greedy, it’s a fact’ thing actually makes me uncomfortable. as well as some of the other things mentioned but the gold bit is what I just notice the most

listen, I’m moving to the other end of the country tomorrow,  I’ll start a new school and will live away from my parents, properly, for the first time. I will start looking for a job as soon as I’m settled and know about my school schedule and such. Till then I would very much like to work on commissions, since I can do this anywhere independently. If you’re interested, here’s the info on it, and just shoot me a message?

Friendly reminder that Dwalin was 21 when the War of the Orcs and the Dwarves started, and 27 during the Battle of Azanulbizar. That’s mostly likely not even close to mature or adult among Dwarves, and that Gimli was twice as old while he was ‘too young’ to join the quest for Erebor. Reminder that he saw many members of his family die there, and that those family members were most likely burned, not buried in stone. His father among them. never look at book and movie canon, or anything of the sort. So basically he, and nearly everyone else of the Dwarves we know survived that, were child soldiers, if you want to see it like that, or perhaps squires to their fathers and uncles and had to fight there (✿ಥ﹏ಥ)