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i'm so glad you're back. you, bethylgrixon and sparks are my queens.

Well, I’m glad we both worship sparks-of-greene because she’s the one that keeps me grounded and she’s incredible tbh. And ice know’s shes awesome, blah blah I love her and she’s great. 

Some good moments in YogLabs Hypercubed #2:

  • The Honeydew head/statue
  • Walking into a wall (because it’s where we’re supposed to go)
  • Lalna(ble) dual-wielding daggers
  • "He might trap us in a hard drive forever." "DON’T trap us in a hard drive forever." "MUHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”
  • Suddenly, tons of monsters
  • Protection 5 Potato (“I can imagine that the potato was used in base programming…”)
  • Suddenly, tons of invisible monsters.
  • Multiple Honeydew and Xephos heads in the main lobby (“We’ve got 4 Simon heads already!” *Lalna(ble) laughing in the background*)
  • "We’re going to have to break through this floor… and cheat. It’s not cheating! I mean-“
  • *Lalna(ble) building his way up to Xephos* "Why are you coming up to me?!"
  • "How do we get down there?" "I’ll show you!" [LividCoffee hit the ground too hard]
  • "Do I need to put it somewhere to make it work?" *Xephos and Lalna(ble) suggest ideas*
  • Lalna(ble) spawning clouds everywhere and trapping Xephos and Honeydew.