Happy July Fourth!

Today we were gunna go to the beach but it wasn’t sunny on the beach so instead we went to Spangereid and on the way we stopped and got sandwiches and a good pastry and cake and went to the summer house and had dinner outside. Then we went to Mathias’s house and walked to the store and around Spangereid. And lately I’ve been reading a lot. I finished my book that I was reading before I came to Norway and started a new series that I discovered at the library. I read the first book in two days and started the second one today :) 

Today has been really great but tonight I’m feeling really homesick and I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s the fourth of july and i’m not with my family or maybe because all my friends are leaving for camp tomorrow and i’m not going. I’m not sure but I have this weird feeling and I feel so alone.

Well i’m gunna attempt to get some sleep.

Good night from Norway <3