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You sould cosplay Jasper if you ever get the chance, because your a strong woman and I think you'd be able to fit the role perfectly!!

omg I’m pretty tiny idk if i could really do her justice!!!! i appreciate that though i do not mind at all being associated with jasper like that she’s a tough (tho evil) babe!! i might actually cosplay peridot or lapis with my sibling as jasper cause they found jasper’s appearance super relatable and i thought of them the second i saw jasper !!

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Sorry honey for writing, I wish to discover your opinion. I installed my created blog page game and I want you to gie a shot. Will you do this thing? Won't last a moment even.. Really would help to read if it's playable. Thanks! Amelina :*

The link doesn’t seem to work for me?

on the positive side of thinking i get to wear the scarlet witch jenni made me THIS FRIDAY and she did such a good job on it ………………….

If you abused someone and you’ve really changed you shouldn’t expect them to accept your apology. You shouldn’t think you deserve forgiveness, or that it’s wrong for you to be outed as an abuser. You didn’t learn from it if you think you deserve some great image for what you did. Like, great, you changed, but what doesn’t change is the damage that was done to the victim. Expecting to be able to just move on from a situation you controlled like that makes you a coward.