The Magnificent Cascadas Suspendidas in Ibiza

We’ve seen many outstanding hotel features, but the Cascadas Suspendidas at Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza are particularly unique. Cascading down the cliffside, these spectacular suspended waterfalls create 8 saltwater lagoons where guests can indulge in thalassotherapy. The experience comes complete with jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea and relaxing hydro massages, thanks to the air jets that accompany each pool.


MAN 1924 AW15 Pitti Preview

When a menswear brand is run by such stylist cats as Carlos Castillo and Jorge Navares, the outcome is easy to anticipate: nothing short of outstanding. Presenting one of the most impressive stands at Pitti, with brilliant case study examples on the art of layering, the Spanish duo continues to deliver their unique take on the casual tailored ensemble. 

A beautiful color palette of moss green, camel, navy and grey comes to life through heavyweight topcoats, parkas, vests and saharianas perfectly paired with tailored wool suits and jackets. Adding an exclusivity aspect to the collection, clients are given the possibility to choose among a wide array of fabrics, thus personalising garments to their individual taste and market. Add to that a superb use of accessories, with bold printed scarves and ties and you end up with some of the most striking looks on display at the fair. My personal favourites? The subdued plaid navy suit and the moss green heavyweight sahariana.

Ph: Beyond Fabric