Jamaica Funk on Sax

How about some live videos for a Friday night! The gigs have all been amazing this past few weeks and many clips are online. My NEW band at Spaghetinni Seal Beach was killin’ it last week. Watch Some Jamaica Funk here - new arrangement but pretty tight overall…. pulled this one out for my baby since she loves this tune!


Thanks for the #spaghetinni #bolognese #chef I made you an #espresso. #dilishuss #restaurantkids #fiorinos #timelapse (at Fiorino Ristorante)

Stevie Wonder Too High Greg Vail Sax

ONE MORE for a Friday Night - Video of the NEW Greg Vail Band from Spaghetinni last week. We are working on more dates! COME PLEASE!!! 8) - Stevie Wonder Too High on Alto Saxophone. First time performance so a little rough but the vibe is GREAT!!