This is the work of Stefan Sagmeister - Having Guts Always Works Out For Me

Before finding this piece as a whole, I Thought it was amorphous typography, But it is now clear it is not. I find the concept quite difficult to understand properly but I really like the imagery. 

The concept I have taken is that the imagery show before and afters. How he originally found the objects/scenes, and what he then changed them into.

Finding this work has given me a great idea on how to take my light graffiti experiments further. Taking a twist on anamorphic typography. I think it would be really interesting to see how light graffiti, would look from different angles. What does the effect look from when you are not in the exact point of capture. I think this is an intriquing concept, and one that puts a spin on both anamorphic typography and light graffiti, making it a very unique idea.

t de Tim_Rotermund
Bei den t.lovers reduziert sich alles auf das Wesentliche – das Produkt selbst. Deshalb heißt die Marke für den qualitätsorientierten Teeliebhaber auch einfach, kurz und klar „t“. Wir gestalteten passend zur Positionierung und der Hochwertigkeit der Produkte ein modernes und stimmiges Design, dass sich durch alle Gestaltungsfelder ziehen sollte. Die modische Ausrichtung als Hamburgs erste Tee-Boutique und das etablieren einer neuen Teekultur. Hochwertige Materialien, ausgewählte Typografien, handgeklickte Icons und modische Farben prägen das Bild der außergewöhnlichen Tee-Boutique in der Hamburger Langen Reihe.

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Amazing Hong Kong architect turns shoebox apartment into 24 rooms!

Helloooo everyone

im putting the call out to anyone who is interested in design or whatever. Im doing a project where we have to gather a whole range of design resources. 

if you have any magazines, websites, really anything at all that you find interesting and cool and that you enjoy reading please link me! It would be a huge help.