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Finally took the time to tag up my art for orestesblasting-pyladesfunk's enjolras/grantaire ladies network (follow the tag here)

Some of my personal favorites:

College au


Punk au


Ballet au


Zombie au


And you can find all the previous and future artworks for the exr ladies in my tag “in another universe
Enjoy ;D

22. Kolovoza 2014

OCAD University Postcard Project 2014

Hmm… I do not write very much on this tumblr! I am going to a new school this autumn, and there is a postcard drawing tradition there. This is my entry! I can only hope that the professors also love mechanical space infants with little space baby teeth. I am also so happy about the space ship in the middle- I keep drawing it everywhere! Busy busy! I think I gave myself a schedule like ‘new content every day you guys!!!’ We’ll see, right arm, hyperactive fingers on right arm, left arm, steady fingers on left arm, nourishment in body commanding right and left arms, fluid in brain commanding entire superstructure. Mhm! Okay! Until school I am sitting under a desk, counting on September. See you again soon! 'u'/

Progress! A logo! A ship design! More plot development! This has been a productive week for Garage Spaceship.

Despite the emotional turmoil of the past month, I fully intend to continue this project. I won’t be surrendering my dream because of some petty drama. The elements contributed by my friend will remain, out of both respect and necessity. Besides, If my hunch is right, this may be something we’ll laugh over and share again in the future.

Thank you all for your kind messages! I’m sorry I’m not very good at replying. Keep praying, lovely people!