okay here’s the rundown on four:

  • steal my girl - first is the worst but still hella catchy i guess
  • ready to run - YAS its the through the dark of four im obsessed
  • where do broken hearts go - up my ass thats where, this song is rad
  • 18 - you can so tell ed wrote this holy fuck harry sounds amazing
  • girl almighty - its so happily-esque i fucking love it, and they gettin down on their knees so.. #TUNE
  • fools gold - nIAllL i can’t tell if thats rlly him in the beginning but whoever it is sounds angelic af and the falsettos help omg
  • night changes - im sobbing this song is magical, idk what louis getting arrested has to do with it but skating with harolds gonna be fucking great (zayn’s bridge omg)
  • no control  - LOUIS this got me rockin krunk as hell
  • fireproof - a breath of fresh air, tbh you need it after no control
  • spaces - kinda sappy but who doesn’t love that, and the end of the chorus those progressions are on point, also the last chorus hnnngg
  • stockholm syndrome - FUCKING FAVE omg im obsessed with this song its sooooooo good i want this to run in my veins my firstborn is going to be named ryan bunetta styles johan carlsson bc they are royalty thank you boys
  • clouds - classic bro tune basically one direction morphed into a pop/rock/alternative band in this song that guitar line 

so basically, this album far exceeded my expectations. usually i will skip some of the songs that haven’t grown on me but i literally can’t, every one of them (even smg) is amazing and this entire album is going to really establish one direction as a solid group and i think a lot more people will take them seriously. can’t wait to hear the bonus tracks!