Spaces. Chapter 14

Harry was now back in the UK visiting his family and getting ready to start back on tour, while you were still finishing your tour out in the States. 

“So, how are you and Harry doing?” Kinsey asks as you both are eating lunch together. 

“We’re great.” You smile. “Better then we’ve ever been.”

“I’m happy.” She smiles. “I mean i know you two had your issues in the past, but you two really make a great couple and I’m glad that he’s good to you and makes you happy.” 

“That means a lot. I know you and Alex didn’t really like him in the beginning.” You say. 

“It wasn’t that we didn’t like him, we just didn’t understand the situation that you two were in. We didn’t think it was the best for you and we thought he was using you in a way or something.” She says. 

“I didn’t realize that.” You say. “But I’m glad that everything is good now for everyone.” 

“Me too.” She smiles. “So, since everything is good and you two are all great and in loooveee, when are you two going to take the next step and meet the parents.” She asks. 

“I have no idea. We haven’t really talked about that much. I mean we’ve only been officially together for a few weeks now and yes we were together a bit before that, but I don’t know. Is there like a timeline in a relationship of when you’re supposed to do that?” You laugh. 

“No. Not really. I think it’s just more of when you both are ready for that and for the two of you it’s going to have to be when both of your schedules can allow it.” She says. 

“Yeah. That’s definitely an issue in our relationship is our schedules and being apart.” You sigh. “I just hope that it doesn’t become a huge issue. I know people who don’t work out just because of that.” 

“Well, I mean I’m sure that’s true for some people, but I don’t think it’s just solely because of that, you know. I just the people just give up and don’t really care about trying to find that time for one another, so they just break it off. Sometimes people change and grow and they just don’t care, but I don’t think that is something you two have to worry about. Plus, I’ve noticed that Harry and the boys tend to have more time off then before. I know they still tour every year, but they’re having more time off in between and they at least have a few weeks or so off in-between each leg, so that helps. Then our tour is almost over, so you’ll be able to see him when you can.” She says.

“Yeah, that’s true.” You say. “I’m just a worrier, you know this.” You laugh. “I really love him and I don’t want anything to go wrong, not anymore.” You say playing with the straw in your drink. 

“I know and I promise you, I see the way he looks at you and the way he is with you. That boy is crazy and head over heels in love with you and I can see that you are the same way with him, you two are going to be okay and make it.” She smiles. 

“Thank you.” You smile leaning over to hug her. 

“Anytime.” She smiles before you both finish your lunch. 


“I miss you!” Harry pouts on the other line. You giggle. 

“Aww, I miss you too.” you smile. “How was your day?”

“It was great. I went out to lunch with my dad and we hung out the rest of the day.” He says. 

“That sounds fun.” You say. 

“It was. How is your day going?” He asks. 

“Good. We just finished soundcheck, so now I’m just hanging out backstage before the show.” You say. 

“I’m gutted I can’t be there.” He sighs. 

“Hey! You came to like 6 shows. You’re good.” You say. 

“Is that a polite way of saying that you don’t want me there?” He gasps. 

“Of course not”You giggle. “I want and wish you were here, but I know that you can’t, so I was trying to help you feel better about not being here.” You say. 

“Good answer.” He smirks. You giggle. “But you know I love being there to support you.” He says. 

“I know you do and I love being at your shows and stuff to support you too, but sometimes we can’t always be there in person, but I know that you’re still supporting me even if you aren’t the crowd.” You say.

“Always, baby.” He smiles. “And I know the same thing with you.” 

“Aww. Yay!” You giggle. He laughs. “As much I want to continue talking you, but I gotta go get ready.” You sigh. 

“Okay.” He sighs. “I’ll talk to you later, baby. I love you.” He says. 

“I love you, too. Bye.” You say hanging up. You sigh placing your phone down. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Alex asks walking. 

“It just sucks.” You sigh. 

“What?” She asks. 

“Long distance.” you sigh.”It’s only been a few days since he left and I’m already feeling sad and missing him like crazy. We talk everyday, which is great, but I just miss him.” You sigh. 

She sighs walking over and hugging you. 

“Oh, sweetie. I know it’s hard, and it’s just because you two are still so new and in the honeymoon phase. Trust me after a few years or even a few months, you’ll be wanting your space.” She says. 

“Hey! I heard that!” Max says. You laugh. 

“But that’s easy for you to say. You work with your boyfriend and you two are constantly with one another.” You point out. 

“True, but still.” She says. You laugh. 

“I’m sorry, I’m just being dramatic.” You sigh. “I guess a part of me is just concerned about us being apart because of what happened last time.” you say. 

“Understandable, but babe, you gotta move on from the past or else you will relive it. You only learn from your mistakes if you accept them and change whatever it is, so you don’t repeat them.” she says. “You and Harry are in a much better place compared to then and you know that. So, don’t worry about  it, just be happy and enjoy it.” She says.

“You’re right.” You sigh. 

“Aren’t I always.” She smirks. You laugh rolling your eyes. 

“Whatever, I’m going to hair and makeup.” You laugh.


“Tell me more about this Harry.” your Mom says on the other line. 

“What do you want me to tell you?” You laugh. 

“Well, I’ve seen pictures. He’s quite the handsome one, and I hear he’s in a band, but that’s all I know about him.” She says. “Tell me more.”

“Um, well I mean, he’s really nice and funny, at times.” You laugh. “And I don’t know, what do else do you want me to tell you.” You laugh. 

“Is he good to you?” She asks. 

“Amazing.” You smile. 

“I’m happy to hear that honey, but I would like to know more about him, perhaps we can meet him soon, yeah?” She asks. 

“I don’t know. I mean, you will meet at some point, but Mom we just got together.” you say. 

“I know. I know, but honey, I just want to get to know the new man in my daughter’s life. Your father does as well.” She says. 

“I understand that, but I just don’t want him to think that we’re moving too fast or something. We haven’t even really talked about the whole meeting each other’s parents yet.” You say. 

“Is there a reason you don’t want him to meet us?” She asks. 

“What? No. Of course not.” you say. “I just, meeting the parents is a huge step, Mom.” You say. 

“Yes it is, honey, but I just-” She says. 

“You just what, Mom?” You ask. “You’ve never acted like this before.” 

“I’ve always met your boyfriends.” She says. 

“I know, but you’ve met them when I was ready for you to meet them. You’re being really pushy about this.” You say. 

“Well maybe I just want to make sure he’s right for you.” She says. 

“He is Mom. Why can’t you just trust me with this?” You sigh. 

“I do trust you, but I don’t trust him. I can’t trust someone I don’t know and I’ve seen his track record.” She says. 

“You did not just say that.” you say. “You just sit there and said that you don’t know him, yet you’re judging him based off the media! God, you know how they can twist things.” You say. “Look, I’m done with this conversation. Goodbye, Mom.” you say before hanging up. 

Your phone starts ringing and you see it’s your Mom. You hit ignore and sigh. You hated this. You hated being in a spat with your Mom, but she was in the wrong. She has no right to judge Harry and your relationship. Your phone was ringing again and you groan picking it up and not paying attention to who it was. 

“I don’t want to talk to you!” You say in the phone. 

“Oh, umm. Sorry.” You hear Harry say on the other line before hanging up.