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Behind the scenes with @youdontknowdoug @arishaffir and @gabedylan hanging out in the #spacement

Hi, my name is Quinn. This one IS my favorite. Claire’s is actually my favorite, but, since it’ll be gone with her, I will use this one (and Claire is a dog.) This one I love because it has lots of cool things like swirls and stars - they’re awesome. They are my favorite thing and I also like how I made that big bubble on it so it kinda looks like it has hair. It’s cool.

But, mostly what I like of it is that it looks like space. It’s a cool one. I think I might name this one “The Spacement.” I like The Spacement - I think I might hang this one up on my Christmas tree. I’m going to hang them all up on my Christmas tree when it’s Christmas time because they’re ornaments. I hung them all around my house. I like them. Bye.

Scratchings on scratch paper.