Stuff I Like

Music (will talk about it all day)

Swat Kats, Steven Universe, Code Monkeys, Bob’s Burgers, Lucas Bros Moving Company, Rick and Morty, lots of old cartoon shit

Drawings, sketches, how-to-draw stuff


Um…. there’s bound to be more but I can’t think right now :/

How I get sick (nightly processes)

Phase 1- throat so dry it hurts, every breath just feels like death.

Phase 2- headaches and sleepiness. Feeling like shit.

Phase 3- runny nose. Still feeling like shit. Phases repeat usually again.

Phase 4- somehow you feel better. Just want to sleep again.

A collection of particles called him is threatened and diluted to ridicule. He says he falls short, but he took the bigger step.

Music plays on each of his particles and each is not allowed to synchronize. Oh well, he says. Goodbye, for he will relive again.

Oh, how they mope for him to not pull himself together. All he needs is to listen. The big wall of noise wants him to explode again.

Explode their bodies!
Explode their doors instead!
Should flags not be raised for the fallen particle called him?
Should they not be also raised for a fallen particle called you, too?

Dance with the demon, with the Devil himself. You are not fearful, for you have your music to shred all time and existence.

Confidence booms and you can’t be stopped. You don’t have time for tea, but you have all the world’s strength to fight all the dastardly evil surrounding you.

Explode your body!
Explode their doors, too!
Should the flag not be raised for you?
We need a flag for me, for I, too!

Give us all a flag, don’t we all fight for something, don’t we all?
Give us all a flag, don’t we all care for something, don’t we all?
Give me a flag, too. I believe in something still.

—  Untitled poem written by me.