See You Soon, Heechul-ssi!


Watch out, military camp! Kim Heechul-ssi is coming your way…

I’ll miss seeing your antics onstage during your solos.

I’ll miss seeing your tweets.

I’ll miss seeing your liaisons with Hongki, Junhyung, Jungmo etc

Leader of Chocoballs, you are going to be sorely missed but we will wait for you diligently for 23 months + 4 weeks exactly.

Tomorrow is the day. #SpaceBigStarHeenim

Heechul, my 3rd bias. Tomorrow is the day. Please take good care of yourself. Kahit masakit sa side nmin lalo na sa mga petals pro tatanggapin namin. We’re happy kse ngpaalam ka nung MuBank ng nkangiti. Alam nming love na love mo ang SJ lalo na si Teuk, ayaw mong npapagod si ahjussi kya don’t worry we’ll take charge of SJ. Tuloy pa din ang agos ng buhay. :) I’m happy din kse nwala na yung prang space between you and Hyuk kaya super cute nyo pg-ngiiskinship kayo. :3 Heechul, love ka namin kahit lagi kang di nkakasunod. Love ka nmin khit ikaw lagi naiiba. Love ka nmin kahit mas sumasama ka kyna Hongki. Love ka nmin khit mas maganda ka pa sa babae. Love ka nmin kahit mabilis uminit ulo mo. We all love you especially your uniqueness. Kaso, Hee kung gano ka nsaktan nung umalis si Geng, ganun din ksakit yung mraramdaman nmin bukas. :( We are all proud of you. SJ loves you, ELFS loves you, PETALS loves you. ♥ See you again for the next 2 years. September 2013 is only there, we will patiently wait for you. Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul,  ooyoo bitkal Kim Heechul! ♥ #SpaceBigStarHeenim



사랑해요 김희철 기다릴게 김희철 

- SS3 Singapore (29/01/2011) 

희님, 힘내! ♥

“I love you, I bless you We give you our love  You wiped my tears, go You became my happiness, oh” - Song For You