Summer staples: Lightweight statement necklace combined with a flowy, patterned dress. Perfect for a warm day (like today) or a casual dinner!

Necklace: Space519 (fabulous boutique located in the 900 Shops. Stop by for some fantastic, unique pieces if you haven’t been, Chicago ladies).

Dress: Madewell (this is actually the first article I’ve worn from Madewell. I’m usually not a “vintage look” girl, but I liked the cut and versatility of this dress. Will definitely be checking out their fall collection).

Spotted at Space 519 (so you know it’s good)… butter-soft, perfectly shimmery leather clutches (with pockets!) from PVMN. Upon some research and Tweeting, I learned the designers are Chicago-based and the bags are all named after Chicago streets (the intention is to identify yourself with a certain part of Chicago based on the bag you purchase… but all the bags are currently named after Gold Coast/Old Town streets, so they might want to puzzle through that a bit.)

Regardless, this is the Huron clutch ($275, I think?) and it is a wonder to behold.


When looking for a boutique that’s got the perfect mix between contemporary and timeless chic, Space519is the place to go. Their collection is always bang on trend, usually one step ahead of the rest. Each item curated in the store has a certain sense of finesse to it that could easily score a polished/sophisticated look. Space519 was founded in May 2011 as a general store that is anything but…

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Interview W/ Jim Wetzel of Space 519

On November 1, I had the opportunity to check out Space 519 and sit down with Jim Wetzel, the co-owner/co-mastermind of his refined general store.  


Dustin: So what is your background in?

Jim Wetzel: Retail for a million years.  When I was 15 years old I lied about my age to become a stock boy at this women’s boutique in Old Orchard.  It was crazy… I was in the mall with a friend and she was like, “Oh let’s go in here!” and I was like, “This is so cool!”  They had all this cool women’s stuff and, I don’t know what possessed me, I just went up and asked, “Are you hiring?”  They gave me an application and I came back and was like, “Wait a minute… I’m not even old enough to get a job.”  I lied.  I said I was 16.  I was 15.

D:  Do you have a system to prevent bringing work home all the time?

JW:  If you ask any entrepreneur, it’s why they’re an entrepreneur.  Because there isn’t this moment of ‘shutting it off.“  And that’s what you like about it.  You find some inspiration of some sort, then you get geeked about something, and then you have this conversation…  When you’re an entrepreneur you’re more passionate than a business owner.  You’re never completely satisfied.  You’re open and you’re cooking and it’s all good.  And then you’re like, "I want more.  I want to do more.  I want to do this somewhere else.  I want to do another concept.”  That’s an entrepreneur because you just can’t get enough.

Space 519 carries an impressively curated collection that fuses High-Fashion Women’s Street-wear and Jewelry, a comfortable yet delightfully edgy Home-wares section, some unexpected vintage Men’s Watches & accessories, and an impressive collection of Men’s Apothecary.

Check out Space519 here or at 900 N. Michigan Ave, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611.

Looking forward to what you guys do next!

Spotted. Coolest store in Chicago: space519

I was in Chicago last week for the Sweets & Snacks Expo, which is the largest confectionery, cookie and snack show in the Americas (more about that in a future post!) While I was there, I was able to check out my friend Lance’s absolutely stunning store, space519. It is literally named for their space on the 5th floor of the 900 shops of North Michigan Avenue (those in the Chicago “know” refer to this area as the Magnificent Mile), which is also home to Bloomingdale’s, Gucci, MaxMara, Montblanc, Bernardaud and Michael Kors. Lance and his partner Jimmy opened the “refined general store” last May, and it is an absolute delight. The super sleek space is filled with the coolest and carefully-curated apparel, trendy home goods, hard-to-find apothecary products, unique jewelry pieces, fabulous accessories, and even hipster books.

I seriously wanted to buy out the whole store – both Lance and Jimmy have such beautiful taste. The home goods available for purchase are just beautiful –antique chairs reupholstered in luxurious fabrics such as cowhide or an inlaid French secretary’s desk – at prices that are more affordable than trying to purchase at Ralph Lauren, for example.

They also have a great selection of jewelry – feather earrings that are so in right now, as well as beautiful beaded necklaces, and bracelets. I ended up purchasing 3 bracelets that are exclusive to space519 (check out the photo of the tiger eye, lava, and malachite beads adorned with a sparkly silver bead bracelets). I also snagged the last one they had in stock of their Together Bag, a screen-printed tote featuring a likeness of Hermès’s iconic Birkin bag by designer Thursday Friday. How cute – now I literally own a Birkin, and am so happy I got this tote because there is apparently a three month waiting list from the designer!

Too many wonderful things to mention! You must make it a must-stop shop if you’re in Chicago, or go to their website here: Check out the photos below so you’ll “see” just what I’m talking about! When is my next trip to Chicago???

The table with all the beaded bracelets I wanted (I bought 3)

The three I settled on: lava, malachite, tiger eye

Outside looking in

Reupholstered cowhide chair I love

My “Birkin” Tote on the top shelf!! Don’t be jealous!!

A close-up of what the bag looks like, courtesy of Thursday Friday


Fantastic and unique selection of apothecary items including rms beauty and RGB


Another shot of the store from the outside.