Joules of the Universe - Diagram depicting all Energy Levels in the Universe, beginning with a single Photon, then progressing up to the Energy of a Hydrogen atom, the Energy of an atomic bomb, the yearly output of the Sun, and finally the total Energy output of the Universe. Memorable steps along the way include the Energy in a ton of coal, and the Energy of a bumblebee traveling at half the Speed of Light.

Switch to the invisible wavelengths of the far-infrared and the Milky Way’s river of stars disappears to reveal tendrils of cold dust. Shown here, in this image from Japan’s Akari space observatory, are the central regions of the constellation Cygnus, and it can be seen that the Milky Way displays a rich stock of dust. (read more here)

The mystical-looking image is part of Akari’s recently released all-sky survey. The mission observed more than 99% of the entire sky over a period of 16 months. Akari was a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) project with European Space Agency’s participation.