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How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

Did anyone even bother to read the article attached to that post that claims “Pluto is a planet again?” all it says is that two scientists had a debate and asked the audience what their opinion was, and the audience said Pluto is a planet

Literally nothing has changed if you check the NASA website there’s nothing about Pluto except that it’s a dwarf planet and the New Horizons spacecraft will be reaching it in 2015 (holy shit I didn’t know that AHHH that’s so exciting)

But seriously check your sources



You remember Pluto? And not Mickey Mouse’s weird pet dog - I’m talking the My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas Pluto. Way back in 2006 NASA decided Pluto didn’t deserve a place in our planetary system (or that kick-ass saying), but now Pluto’s showing the universe that it’s not gonna let some stuffy old scientists decide it’s not a planet anymore. Four for you, Pluto. You go Pluto.

Read all about our generations favorite planet below. 

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'Man in the Moon' Created by Mega Volcano

Whenever you look up at the near side of the moon, you see a face looking back at you. This is the “Man in the Moon” and it has inspired many questions about how it could have formed.

There has been some debate as to how this vast feature — called Oceanus Procellarum, which measures around 1,800 miles wide — was created. But after using gravity data from NASA’s twin GRAIL spacecraft, researchers have found compelling evidence that it was formed in the wake of a mega volcanic eruption and not the location of a massive asteroid strike. Learn more