So there is a men’s room and a women’s room in regards to public bathrooms (and co-Ed which is always just one toilet in a room with a locked door) and it’s the women’s room and only the women’s that has a baby changing table?? What about the single fathers who have kids? They have two options, ask the location to stop all the women from going into the women’s restroom so he can change his own child, or change that baby in public. And what about when the kid is older (say a daughter of a single father) as a parent you are supposed to enter the restroom with them so they are safe, he can’t go into the women’s restroom. And taking her I to a public men’s restroom? There are seven guys in a row all with their dicks out and no stall for that little girl to see? There needs to be a restroom of some sort just for parents to take their kids to the bathroom. Not for the parents to go, but just to keep their kids safe. I mean come on.

LOSS Q&A (?!)

I’m holding to the 5k followers for a special gif á la carte extravaganza for u guys.

for da 4.5k (aka rn) im having a Q&A i guess .. since i had no good ideas for dis micro celebration XP

so feel free to ask stuff!

anything ss related or things more loss related.

para los 5k followers voy a hacer un super especial de gifs a la carta para ustedes.

para los 4.5 (ahora) voy a hacer un  Q&A i guess .. porq no se me ocurrió otra cosa para hacer XP

asi que sientanse libres de preguntarme cosas!

cualquier cosa relacionada a ss .. o al blog en si.

So, remember how my boss brought her stuffed dog to the dog spa yesterday and how unsettling that was? Well, surprisingly, I didn’t have any explicit nightmares last night! However, I did wake up at some point and for whatever reason I was petting my dog, who was on the bed with me.

So of course, the first thing I think is that stuffed dog and the very first legible thought that entered my head was, “IT’S ON MY BED.

And then Cinders moved and I realized I was not petting the shell of what was once a living dog, but something still very much alive.