Simple Plan US tour

So, I’m gonna go to the MD date (Nov. 26th) and even though I don’t want to I’m going alone. It sucks not having any friends who like SP as much as I do. Even if I took someone with me then they wouldn’t be able to come in early to the SP Crew soundcheck party or whatever. I haven’t been to one before.

Of course MD is the only date that isn’t up for pre-sale yet. :( I hope it’s up soon. I’m totally getting the bundle, don’t care that it’s $50+


I feel like people don’t post Jeff enough. C’mon he’s also part of the band btw he’s also an awesome musician, very talented and a really nice guy. I don’t understand why you guys don’t blog him, he’s one of the greatest person of this world. You can’t pretend to be a fan if you don’t like Jeff because without Jeff the band wouldn’t be that awesome and without any other members either. So if you really love Simple Plan, c’mon let’s make a lot of posts about Jeffy! ♥


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